Ah, though Valentine’s Day may have been last week, it still looks like the ‘Pepero Kiss’ lives on! On February 19th, MBLAQ held their 2nd fanmeeting, much to the delight of A+’s there!

Seungho and Thunder participated in the “Pepero Kiss”, where they both took one end of the same pepero stick and started eating the stick towards one another. However, they were careful and a little slow in doing so, causing two mischievous members to make Seungho and Thunder lock lips.

Too cute! I wonder how their children will approve of this action.

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That was cuuute <3

lol i see someone who ships thunder and seungho XD so cute~!! i adore pepero kisses ^^

Noooooo >.< u want to be Seunghoo but it was very funny their expressions :]

soo funny, lee joon is way to happy hehe

I like this!~ Joon And Mir, nice job~

naughty mir and joon!! <3 <3

they’re cute smile))

lol bromance :D

awww such brotherly love <3

teeheeee (; cuteee

OMG. So priceless. XD

lol that’s funny! hahahaha

LOLLLLLL seungho’s just going at it while thunder’s kinda holding back haha. the other members are so evil (: love them!! <3

LOLOLOL!!! I feel bad that they were pushed but that’s hilarious xD

Lol so funny. I laughed so much when they got pushed xD

before i eevn watch the video.. i was like..if i was tehre i’ll push them.. then i see mir and joon working together and pushed ehehhe !! 

bwahahahaaha!  can i trade places with either one of them?

Cutest thing ever!!
I love Seungho’s reaction after their ‘kiss’. 

And I think we have a new Evil Maknae to watch out for.


LOL that was just way too cute :D

Lee Joon sure looked excited. And OMG Mir! Why did you do that! Haha. XD

They have Yang Pa’s autographed album.. I wanna have it too T_T

Ohmigosh! xD Now I feel like eating Pepero~
Look at SeungHo’s hand on Cheondung’s shoulder raspberry Haha Mir! Such a naughty boy~

omg their reaction when they kissed was priceless XD

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