On the February 26th episode of Inkigayo, IU, one of the three MCs for the music show, made a slip during the winners’ announcement.

At the end of the ‘Take 7′ Mutizen award announcement appeared, IU mistakenly mentioned Se7en as the winner when FTISLAND appeared on the screen. IU didn’t realize her mistake until KARA’s Goo Hara corrected her and IU was embarrassed to have made such an error. She quickly apologized to FTISLAND after the group was done giving their winners’ speech.

IU later then took to her me2day to post an official apology, “Sorry Inkigayo viewers, FT Island and Se7en sunbaenim!! In future, I definitely won’t let my nerves get in the way and I’ll pull myself togetherㅜㅜ Sorry sorry ㅜㅜ”

Hongki bore no ill feelings and forgave the young singer, tweeting, “First place on Inkigayo!!!Thank you!!!Primadon~~na, I really love you guys^^ Also, please don’t comment about IU’s mistake, silly fools, I made a lot of mistakes myself too, didn’t I? ^^ you silly guys are nice people right??”

Se7en also came to IU’s cause, as he himself tweeted, “Really thankful towards Miss Bom for performing together with me on today’s wonderful stage on Inkigayo and totally grateful towards Dara and Minzy as well and congratulations to FT Islannd on their mutizen song and please let IU off for her cute mistake ^^ Congratulations to Miss A on their comeback and sunbae, juniors and co-workers were wonderful and have a lovely night^^”

I’m glad that they both said something to fans so that the situation wouldn’t quickly get out of hand. I myself had to do a double take when I heard Se7en’s name announced, but saw FTISLAND on the screen. And from before the announcement, IU did stutter a bit on Se7en’s name, so maybe that was on her mind? There are times where you will think something when you want to say something else. And it’s gotta be that hair as well.

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