On February 26th, 2NE1’s Park Bom joined labelmate Se7en on stage for his performance on SBS‘s ‘Inkgayo‘.

Park Bom wowed fans with her powerful vocals and flawless figure in a white mini dress. Although the two put on an impressive performance, the attention was shifted towards Park Bom’s face.

Netizens who saw their performance took notice of Park Bom’s swollen face and commented, “She doesn’t look too well. Her face has swollen“, “Did she gain weight?“, “I think it’s just the lighting that made her look that way“, “It’s just her hairstyle“, and “We can’t be quick to pass judgement, but I do feel a bit worried for her.”

Does Park Bom look like she gained weight or are netizens just bored again? Tell us what you think in the comments!


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lol i didn’t even noticed i was focusing on the SONG! wasn’t she always like that? i see no difference…

i think it’s fine, her face always look like that

when i see a bloated face, my first thought is that they must not be feelings well (sick w/cold or flu, allergies, just woke up, etc), not that they’ve gained weight. if it was really her weight, wouldn’t we see more of it in her body, too?

She looks fine....I don’t see what’s wrong…

nah its probably just water weigh or bloaty it will go away.or allergies

when i first read this article somewhere else, i didnt see much of a difference with her face o.o still don’t..

but ah, she’s still pretty<3
and a collab with Se7en<333
sucks that netizens focused more on what she looked like;;

she still looks gorgeous, don’t know what netizens are saying >__>

I don’t think it’s weight gain, but her face does look a little swollen

I think she looks pretty!!

weight gain or not, she is on the too skinny side still.
Hope its not an allergy or anything :>

Looks like she did gain weight…
So used to seeing her with bangs that this hairstyle makes her look different. In a good way though smile

She does look a bit chubbier....but her face was always kind of on the fuller side

I don’t think she gained weight -.-;; Bom is gorgeous<3

I think she looks perfectly fine....

it could happen sometimes maybe she has allergy since its almost coming

her face sure looks kinda different but hope nothing bad happen ~

I don’t think it’s weight gain, but her face does look a little swollen.
Hopefully, it is just a combination of her hairstyle and the lighting.

She looks fine. Stay healthy PARK BOM!!

it looks a tad ut its prob just cuz of the lighting or something… and it doesnt rlly matter as long as her voice is as beautiful as it is now, her face shouldnt be so much of a concern..... 

love Park Boom..... but i can’t tell that her face is swollen

I don’t think she gained weight. But her face does look a little swollen. Unless it’s just those pictures. I didn’t see the performance.

I think netizens are just bored and came up with something again.. 

Whats all the fuss. I don’t see her face swollen O.o She still looks like the stunning Park Bom i know.

What are they talking about? She looks lovely just like she always does.

It could possibly be her Lymph Nodes getting infected & swelling again~
Poor Bommie, take it easy & get more rest~! <3

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