2PM’s Junsu expressed his love for his father who recently passed away and shared a childhood photo of himself with his father. The idol recently uploaded the above photo onto his Twitter and wrote, “It’s already been a month since I parted ways with my father.”

“Looking back on it, everything seems like a dream and it still feels like I’m dreaming,” he continued. “I love you, I’m sorry. Dad… rest in peace now.”

The photo Junsu shared shows him sitting on a bench next to his father. Both are seen wearing glasses and have a similar expression on their face.

Fans wrote, “Be strong and be healthy,” and “Be strong, Junsu oppa. I will cheer you on until the end. I’m sure your father will too.”

In Junsu’s case, it may actually be a good thing that he’s an idol with a busy schedule since he won’t have very much time to dwell in sadness. We hope you continue to stay strong Junsu.

Source: Junsu’s Twitter

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