Things are finally starting to heat up for Etude House’s upcoming webdrama CF featuring SHINee and 2NE1’s Dara.

While Jonghyun, Taemin, and Key seem to kiss Dara on the cheek or forehead, Minho takes things one step further with what appears to be a kiss on the mouth. From the pictures released from Minho’s and Dara’s CF, Minho will be saving Dara from falling off the slide on which she is sitting and contemplating on.

Just a week away from the CF! I can hear many Shawols’ hearts shatter into little pieces already…and Minho looks dashing, just like a prince!

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these pictures are enough to make fans burn with jealously! what more when the real cfs come out? i can’t wait!! it’s 2mr!!!

Oh..they makes many people jealous

image 5 is killing meee!! It looks SO romantic! I will dream of it~ hehe

can’t waittt.
cute shipping ^^

omgggggggggg they’re both so cute ^^ haha the jealousy for dara~

oh my, i’m quite jealous of dara xD

They look so sweet together, like a classic romance couple

ahhh I want to see it too~~ >.<
Dara-unnie is so lucky XD
Minho is so handsome here~

Im squirming in my seat from excitement! I want to see this ^.^

aish i’m jealous haha
love the cf n videos n all
they’re amazing....
SHINee is amazing
Dara unnie… SHINee oppas....

Minho do look like a prince. (x
Can’t wait to see the cf. :D

ahh this CF needs some come out XD!

aww cute <3!
can’t wait to see the CF!

Omgosh I cant wait to see this :3

I wish they would have dressed her better.  The clothes look way to big for her.  They do look cute together though.

so cute :D they look good together smile

so cute ^^ I wanna see it when it comes out! I miss my SHINee Oppas…

They look cute, haha. Can’t wait for the CF. :D

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