BIG BANG’s TOP is known to fans as cold and masculine, but apparently, Daesung revealed to both fans and viewers alike that TOP’s image that he exudes on TV is quite different from his actual personality.

According to Daesung, TOP’s cold, yet charismatic personality is a made-up persona and that TOP is actually childlike and klutzy, as was seen during the shooting of Running Man. TOP’s image has been defined by his ‘assassin’ character in Iris and charismatic presence on stage.

Taeyang added, “You remember T.O.P as a cold-hearted killer from Iris, but he is actually so gentle and childlike, even a little klutzy. Real T.O.P and the killer in ‘Iris’ are completely different. He has a warm and mild personality.”

TOP’s child-like side emerged during the shooting of Running Man, surprising those present. Can you imagine him as a child? I can’t!


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