On February 29th episode of MBC ‘Radio Star‘, Chansung opens up about former 2PM member and singer Jay Park.

MC Kim Gura asked Chansung, “How do you feel when you see Jay Park working so hard on his own?”

Chansung honestly answered, “I wish him success.”

When asked, “Have you seen him since he left the group?”, he responded saying, “No, not even once.”

He then added, “2PM does not have a leader right now. We are all well aware of each other’s shortcomings, and we are doing our best without a leader.”

I personally hate it when groups have such a horrible problem between them. But as a fan, we just have to get accustomed to what ever the outcome is. I just want to wish both 2PM and Jay Park the best in the future.


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it’s nice that they wish each other well. i wanna see them all perform someday. but i guess that would be a veeeeery long wait..

IDK why Jay is being brought up still… I love Jay.... and 2PM…
But this issue is an old one…
And I thought Taec was the leader? If he technically is, ouch. lol

Eh..They always have to talk about past cases.. 

How long had jay left the group?? 

They havent seen each other even once?! Omds so sad D;
They are both doing amazing and I wish them luck in the future~ ^^

Heartbreaking when i see “No, not even once.”

They should really get together and talk. I wish them the best and hope everything becomes cool.

I don’t know why but, when I read about 2PM’s replies to Jay Park questions, there’s just this cold feeling about the words that come out of their mouths. They are able to talk about it now but, they’re still holding back. I wish they could meet once again. I guess the issue’s still taboo.
I wish the best for both 2PM and Jay Park!~ <3

aww thats depressing...=/ but they both are doing great neways. still wish they could meet up again in the near future

tho they could speak it out, feel there’s coldness between :(

I m glad each of them is doing great on his own!
But Hope they would meet again!

they should all have a reunion </3 :((

:( i wish they could have a good talk about what went wrong btw them </3

never once? that’s so sad!! i thought they could stay as friends… wish them all the best!

I hope they can meet again! I wish both of them the best

They must to meet once and having a a good dinner.
But yeah I wish them a good luck ^^

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