K.Will appeared on the February 28th episode of SBS’s Strong Heart and apparently met Jay-Z and Beyonce six years ago! But apparently he didn’t exactly say hello the way he wanted to…

K.Will shared his rather humiliating experience on the show, saying “About six years ago, the American pop star Jay-Z had a performance in Korea, and I was invited to the after party and saw Beyonce.”

At the party, he continued, “I got carried away by her innocent beauty, and got so envious of her boyfriend Jay-Z whom she had her arms crossed with” causing everyone to laugh, but it didn’t stop there.

“I wanted to make a memory for myself, so I held out a hand to shake hers to only get my arm twisted by a bodyguard next to her. Eventually, I humiliated myself in front of Beyonce,” he said.

OUCH! Guess saying a simple hello is out of the question. Poor K.Will… Maybe a simple wave next time.


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LOL he tried

Awww K.Will is the cutest~

haha poor him XD

aww poor k will~

haha at least he met her

awwwwwww poor kwill

LOL awhhh (’: Did he get to say hi to her whilst twisted? xD

this is a memory too, just not a good one lol

poor K.Will

Aww lol poor thing. And the body guard was doing his job.

Poor baby but,lmaoooo.XD

lol but you can’t blame the bodyguard he’s only doing his job… at least he got to meet her!

Awwww poor K.Will xD sorry the story is really funny

Wow… Must be very painful.. XD

Ouch, that sounds painful! Haha, poor guy

HAHAHA omg but wow

Why should the body guards be so protective if it was a private after party?? Poor K. Will. >__<

LOL that’s embarrassingly funny! He’ll stay in her memory for longer tho^^

XD wow crazy reaction! poor guy!

wow they should have known that all he wanted to do was shake her hand

Aww !! >.<

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