Big Bang has always been known to excel in the fashion area, surprising fans with each of their comebacks. For their 2012 comeback, we’ve been seeing a variety of colors with T.O.P’s blue hair, Daesung’s blonde hair, and G-Dragon’s pink hair.

G-Dragon probably has the most interesting hairstyle out of all the members with his hair extra long on one side. If that wasn’t unique enough, the bottom half of the hair has been dyed a hot pink/magenta! He’s had some weird hairstyles before, but this time I think G-Dragon has outdone himself!

What do you think? Hot or Not?

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yeah...its new and diffrent but...i dont think so…

Hot hot hot! *-*

Hmm not hot....sorry


LOL it actually fits him xD

HOT it just really fits GD

NOT -_____-

i think is HOT i really love it, i think is different and original, he looks good with any style!

errrr.....dude i dont like his new style, it has to go >_<

i always seem to hate his new hair styles, but they seem to grow on me. i already like this one after i saw fantastic baby

too long >.< i guess it takes time for me to get used to it

I honestly can’t say I like it.~
I thought I’d get used to it, but I just can’t seem to.^^

Personally at first I didnt like it but Im starting to get use to it now and liking it more and more xP

I don’t like new G-Dragon hairstyle

I kind of like the fact that it’s hot pink :D hehe :D better than just one color.. :D

I don’t like his new hairstyle

i hate the hairstyle but i dont mind the colour LOL gd’s pretty much had his hair every possible colour raspberry

i dont really like this hairstyle :/

Personally I don’t like his new hairstyle I wish he would go back to his Heartbreaker hair style =/

Hmm I like it, it looks good. I know you guys must think im crazy but I do like it XP

You never know what to expect from G-Dragon!
.......I like the pink, but the long hair?...naah, not feeling it..

I think its ok but it wont last long

I kind of wish the whole thing were pink XD LOL. Well he’s the fashionista! so whatever works for him, i’m fine XP

This is one of those moments where I kind of want to chase after him with scissors to cut his hair.  Sorry GD… Love you bunches, but your hair is killing me.

itd be cool if he had spikey hair or a mowhawk with pink tips but i don’t like the whole long side sweep thing...kinda freaky looking

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