It is quite known that Super Junior’s Heechul loves himself so much that he will bring laughter to all with his cute yet narcissistic remarks.

Case in point: Heechul took to Twitter to ‘complain’ about how all his friends are married and settled down with kids and that he wants to do the same. “My classmates are all married, raising cute babies, and living well.. As I’ve attended many wedding ceremonies, I also want to get married T^T But the reality is entertainment, a crazy flower-boy-freak in the manga(+_+) named Asuka-chan..♡ The hidden picture of my kid.” He then shared a picture of what appears to be a girl…with Heechul’s face photoshopped on.

He then tweeted the same picture and asked, “Is there any kid as pretty and neat as this? There is..♡ \(>_<)/”

Oh Heechul. No one is as crazy as you. I am, though, a little scared yet amused over your ‘love child’. Yeah.

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XD XD XD loooolll
Asuka-chan!??! raspberry

hahahahahaha looks so creepy~~~~
Heechul-oppa, you’re just awesome! ^O^

..oh my God Heechul. XD

LOL Heechul...XDDD

lol omgosh he never fails to make me laugh smile the baby looks kinda scary though..

It’s creepy Heechul…

Eh.. I don’t like it.. mixing face photo with baby’s photo doesn’t look cute to me

lmfao roflllll XD aigooo poor baby <3 u’ll get married one day dont u worry ^^

LOL omgosh heechul!

AHHH! so cute love you oppa <3

The funny thing is if he gets married and his child really looks like that...hahaha

Omgosh LOLOL.
Oh Heechul (’:

lmao, i laughed soo much when i saw this

Lol Heechul your so funny, and even though you older the me I know how you feel it seems like every one is getting prego it weird >.>

lol! how cute!

Oh Heechul xD

That is sooo funny!!

ah the woman who marries you will be one of the luckiest girls in the world oppa ~ :D

Ahahhaa! Oh how I love Heechul XD

Well that’s a bit terrifying… lol!!!!



LOL, that is cute. XD

haha! I saw that earlier! couldn’t stop laughing XD XD

This picture is really funny xD I hope he will get married one day ~

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