In the previous episode, we were left with Rian stealing Hye Sung’s song. What happens next? [SPOILER ALERT]

They don’t expose her on stage that she stole Hye Sung’s song, but instead, they talk about how the past principal, Joo Jung Wan, was an inspiration to them, and they really want him back. Because of their touching words, he goes back to teach at the school. That same day, teacher Hyun Ji Soo tells all the students that they are going to be picking super idols, and Jin Yoo Jin is the first student chosen. The other students begin to all suck up to Yoo Jin, except for Rian, who is jealous and confronts the teacher, telling her that SHE is the one who deserves to be a super idol because she is the most popular and she performed well the night before. The teacher then tells her that she needs to audition with the rest of the students and showcase her real talents, because people only like her for her pretty face.

When Rian goes outside to talk to her mom on the phone about signing a contract with another company again, she overhears Jin Yoo Jin and JB arguing about using Hye Sung’s song. Rian approaches them and asks JB if he likes Hye Sung, and he replies that he does!! Rian tries to be cool and says she doesn’t get jealous, but JB seems to really have feelings for Hye Sung now. He even takes Shi Woo’s car to go look for Hye Sung again. When he finds Hye Sung, he stays there overnight and confesses to Hye Sung, who thinks he’s joking, but when he sings to her she realizes he’s being serious.

Back at school, the teachers have chosen teams for the students they will be training to prepare for the super idol selection. Teacher Hyun Ji Soo chooses the members of HerShe and I:dn as a team, and teacher Ahn Tae Yeon chooses Park Soon Dong, Jung Ui Bong, Park Hong Joo, and Shin Hye Sung as a team and gets assigned Jin Yoo Jin as well. Rian begins to practice a lot on her own in order to be able to stand out from the others since she doesn’t really have talent.

One day, Rian’s mom shows up at school and threatens the director to schedule something for Rian or else they’ll change agencies. The director agrees, and on the day that Rian is leaving to go to Choongjoo for the job he gave her, Yoo Jin is also on the bus because he’s going to look for Hye Sung, who lives in Choongjoo. When they get there, they part ways, but Yoo Jin finds out that Hye Sung left to go to another place for the Miss Apple contest that her sister is participating in, and when they arrive, they find out Rian is performing for that even. However, when Rian is on stage, she is embarrassed because she had to wear a cat outfit and she doesn’t sing. She gets knocked out by a soccerball that accidentally hit her on the head, and the episode ends with Yoo Jin running on stage to carry her to get help.

I am really confused as to where the drama is heading now! It seems like the couples are being switched around: JB with Hye Sung and Rian with Yoo Jin. I can’t say it’s a bad thing though, because I’m starting to get used to them that way! Especially when JB sang to Hye Sung, which was by far my favorite part of the drama so far.

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i love the part where hye sung lies on jb’s shoulders and he sings!! it’s so cute and sweet!! 

kyaa!!! i loved listening to jb singing se7en:D it was so sweet!!!

is getting better and better >< i love jb and jinwoon =D

So now only about half episodes left

I watched this yesterday! I loved it!
DH2 is actually pretty good! I don’t know why people keep saying it s not!

omg. that episode is one of my favoritres so far!(:

I really liked this episode.  The twist at the end was like OMG. lol

Dream High 2 is not as popular as 1 but I like it:)

Lol. I just started watching Dream High 2 because of other dramas I’m watching. xD

Im on ep 10 now ^^ agslkdgjlsdjglsdgkj Cant wait for ep 11 subs <(*-*<)

Ahh I really need to sit down an watch this drama ^^

I feel like I probably shouldn’t have read that, considering I haven’t watched it and I want to… But now I just want to watch it more!

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