The Onew vs. Key KPOP Idol-Off 2 Finals match has concluded last month with Team Key claiming victory. It took us awhile to finalize all the prize details with our sponsor and to weed out some anomalous scores, but good things are worth waiting for such as the lucky prize winners announcement. Thanks again to our wonderfully generous sponsor, KpopHeaven! Drum roll, please!


1x SHINee The 1st Concert Photobook: SHINee World Photobook KimTHyun
1x SHINee 2012 Official Wall Calendar MileyAnn
1x SHINee Onew, Key, Taemin of in Barcelona sunshineasia
1x SHINee 2012 SM OFFICIAL DIARY Rainnny
1x SHINee Hello Repackaged Album nono195
1x SHINee Day 1st Photobook Part 1 tempera
1x SMTown Live World Tour Photobook kicker
1x SHINee Night 1st Photobook Part 2 sidescratch
1x SMTown 2011 SMTown Winter The Warmest Gift Album (Gold) kwong246
1x SMTown 2011 SMTown Winter The Warmest Gift Album (Silver) xxCherryFlamexx
1x SMTown 2011 SMTown Winter The Warmest Gift Poster Taemin4evr
1x SMTown 2011 SMTown Winter The Warmest Gift Poster KPopShawol

Bonus Prizes:
10 other players are getting KpopHeaven $3 promo credit! Thanks again for being so patient for this announcement.

Boombyeby12, aznchipmunk, Cheondung, dracokid007, emochubchub, JUS71N3, PhuongLe, SpiffySplendor, RedOcean, iamleejihoon

Winners, please read this Winner’s Guide and our Giveaways FAQ. We will not answer questions that are found in those guides. Remember, you have five days to claim your prize by sending us your identification. We will give your prize to someone else if you do not complete this process. We will not be answering questions about delivery time or providing delivery estimate as items will not be shipped with tracking information. Keep in mind that international shipments usually adds 2-4 weeks of additional shipping time with some countries, such as the Philippines, taking up to 6 months.

New to Ningin? Our newbie guide will help bring you up to speed. Still have questions? Ask the community for help.

This blog post is part of KPOP Idol-Off, Season 2.

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congratz everyone


aww congrats to everyone (:

congrats everyone...i hope i win next time.....

congrats to you smile

congrats to the winners

I know I’m late, but congrats to the winners~! ^^

wah~ thank you so much ^^<3
first time winner (though it’s promo credit, i really am so happy XD)

again, thank you soooo much, ningin & kpopheaven<3

MickeyC7914 - 03/16/12 8:40 pm

congrats to the winners

but I had a four top 10 scores, two being the top seed and the second seed.....and I didn’t win anything....that’s a bummer :(

me too TT
They random the winners.
Although you’re top ten , if you’re not lucky , you won’t get prize .
I never get prize in Ningin TT

Omigoodness, i forgot how many prizes there were! :O Congrats to all the winners! :D

you guys are all so lucky, I never win lol XD
but congrats and enjoy your prizes!!!

Wow I still can’t believe I won!! Congrats to the other winners as well and thanks Kpopheaven for sponsoring!!

Congrats to the winners! Thanks KpopHeaven for sponsoring!

congrats to the winners

but I had a four top 10 scores, two being the top seed and the second seed.....and I didn’t win anything....that’s a bummer :(

lucky winners!  enjoy your gifts!!

and thanks Kpopheaven for the sponsoring smile

omg. i won~ thanks ningin.
Congrats to the other winners^^

I-I-I-I won? seriously?! oh mah gawd~~~~ Thank you so much Ningin!!!! This was so worth the wait~ OH EM GEE I have to send my info in!!! Thanks again!

ahhh h congrats ! smile
don’t get prize again T.T

hyuh ~ so lucky you guys,, so happy you guys,, i knew it i won’t win a thing ;___;

jealous lol. congrats to all the winners =]

wow those are some really amazing prizes!!! congrats to the winners!! i hope a new season comes soon!

congrats to the winners! i hope to win someday! smile

congrats to winneres!!!!

woooooo Congrats! I’m so jealous smile

Congrats to all winners!

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