Super Junior’s Heechul and miss A’s Jia are known for their close friendship and the two recently went on a hot pot date for dinner.

Through Weibo, Jia posted the above picture and wrote, “My student liking (his) meal~! Continue liking it! Haha” Heechul is seen holding his pair of chopsticks to his mouth, his left hand holding his phone. In front of him is the scrumptious shabu shabu (hot pot) that looks reminiscent to Little Sheep Shabu Shabu here in the US (Xiao Fei Yang).

Heechul then posted a picture of Jia and wrote, “I came to eat Chinese shabu-shabu at ‘Huo guo’ shop* with Jia.” Jia cheerfully poses with her ‘V’ sign.

Share some of your delicious food with me, yeah?

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aww glad to see they are such good friends..hope hongki dont be jealous n start throwing a tantrum XP

love them both~

Heenim~ i miss you a lot.... but the first time i saw the photo, i can’t recognize who is he.... lol

wah! i want what they’re eating!!!

i want to eat with heechul too!

love how they are so close~

date again!!

haha heechul, you’re wonderful <3 looks really good though~!!

I love Hot Pot!!! :D

HEECHUL AH eat more with yr hyungs adn dongsangs >< lol love hot pot <333 and of cos heechul

heechul is close to most of our girl idols~

haha i wanna eat hot pot~

I’m so jealous..u’r so lucky girl^^

wahh i want to eat too...I don’t think is just the two of them raspberry

My bias went on a date.. I’m jealous :c

delicious food being eaten by gorgeous people XD
ah jealous on many accounts XD

D’awwwwwwwwwwww, cute! :3 That’s adorable that they’re eating hot pot together! :D

LOL I totally missed ‘pot’ and thought it was a hot date at first~

nice to see them hang out with each other :D

It seems like there were more people, right?~
I always like to see idols hanging out with other idol friends!^^ smile

love chinese hot pot! still no date with sohee, heechul?

I Like to see them hanging together <3

My OTP :’D

the food looks good :D

Oh.. sweet pictures..
enjoy your meals!

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