Celebrity profiles generally exaggerate figures by making idols taller or thinner than in reality. However, for miss A’s Suzy, things went the opposite.

As on of the tallest members in her group, Suzy decided to reveal her actual height. Suzy was interviewed on MBC Everyone’s ‘Weekly Idol‘ and the singer stated, “I’m actually taller than the 166cm height revealed on my online profile. My current height is actually 168cm (5 ft. 6″)“.

Not only that, but they wanted to know about her unique nickname, ‘King Foot’. She then surprised the guests again by revealing that her shoe size is 249.9mm or 250mm in stores. This is equivalent to a size 40 in Europe and a 6.5 in the UK.

You can get more confessions from the lovely singer on the 21st of March airing!

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woah! She s really tall

I think her proportions are right raspberry

hehe, same height with me^^ my foot is big too :(

she is tall… ^^

her feet are big like mine hehe i’m 41 but i’m four inches taller .-.

I feel so short compared to her!

really a giant maknae.. who would have thought? i mean we know she kinda has big proportions just by looking but giving out measurements like that makes it seem legit! and since she’s still young, she’ll probably grow some more. lol. 

she’s taller than me XD

wow 168cm Suzy~

a lot of asian girls are that height, or taller…
but her feet sure are big raspberry

haha oh suzy.

i def. admire her height, since i’m only 160cm. haha
i also def. understand her unnies lol, since all my friends are around suzy’s height or.. taller = =; haha

woah! she’s really tall^^

she’s so tall! :O
I’m only 160 XD

Ahahahahahahaha Suzy, it’s ok, I love you no matter what~ and lol, my shoe size is big too xD

looool shes tallllllllllll

For Korean that’s tall but for uk that would be average xD

It’s okay~ She’s perfect~ (:

5’6 isn’t that tall but you should take into account even in america average height for girls is 5’4

She’s only like 3 inches taller than me~! XD

I love her<3 hehehe. I’m also about 5’5-5’6 so XP People always comment on how tall I am ;A; I’m the tallest girl among my family members LOLOL. MANG, and I’m the youngest. So I share the some of the same traits as Suzy XD Shoot. My parents even thought Suzy was me O__O…

5’6” that’s like...normal.  I wish I had about 4 more inches on me.

(: nice! it looks as if she is so much taller than me but it’s only a mere 2 inches. interesting~

my type of GIRL !!!

5’6 isn’t actually that tall, but I guess in Asian height standards, that’s considered tall. 

I’m jealous xD imforever 5’2 T_T

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