As reported previously, SHINee and 2NE1’s Dara are in the process of filming a new CF (series?) for cosmetic brand Etude House. Their first webdrama CFs for Kiss Note were a major hit.

A new picture from their filming site has surfaced and SHINee, as well as Dara, can be seen wearing pink blazers. In particular, the boys are wearing white pants while Dara has black pants on. It is also amusing to note that Dara is standing on a cushion to help make her around the same height as SHINee.

I bet Jonghyun wants a bit of that cushion…

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can’t wait for the this, loved the previous “series” :D

after standing on the cushion, dara is taller than most of them XD

haha jjong doesn’t really need a cushion that high… he just needs 2 3 pieces of insoles.. XDD

dara unnie is so pretty love the pink suits

SHINee and DARA~ <3

So much pink. XD
They look cute though.

SHINee is pink! So handsome *Q*

and that makes Key so tall and Minho isn’t even standing properly! wow! btw, everyone looked great in pink. yeah!

they looks good in that suit^^

so cute!!!
I was thinking why Dara is taller than Jonghyun then I realize, oh the cushion! Why don’t they put it for Jonghyun!!! 

awww they look so cute! :D
hahaha yeah, but Jonghyun-oppa has his shoe lifts here (I think) wink kekeke~
can’t wait to see the new CFs!

Play Etude? Sounds intruiging

lol Dara is on a platform =p Pink is a nice color ^^ so adorable.

wooow handsome even from far away lol. <3 they all look nice

hahaha.. Dara is on a platform to make a illusion that she is not much lower than boys.. Oh and there is someone behind SHINee

both dara and SHINee look so cute~~
cant wait for the CF!!

hhaha XD so adorable. yea i guess jonghyun would want tat cushion too

Dara standing on a cushion is pretty adorable!
I wonder what their next product is!

can’t wait to see the new CF

lol it sucks that their lip balm is expensive (when buying from outside of korea) but hopefully they’ll have more products ^^ they look adorable~!! <3

I wonder what new product they’ll be promoting next. :]

whoa that’s a lot of pink. 

Its too much pink for me >< But then again it is lipstick so you cant really have like bright blue x)
Awhhh so cute that shes on a cushion and LOLOL at “I bet Jonghyun wants a bit of that cushion…” (’: Forever a short dino <3

Ahh can’t wait for their next CF!!

Not a big fan of pink but the pic is cute

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