It’s well-known that SHINee’s Jonghyun is mischievous, playful, and troll-ful (?) as he likes to update his Twitter with the most random yet most hilarious updates ever.

Jonghyun updates his Twitter with a picture of him from a recent fansign and tweeted, “SHINee Jonghyun’s flaming charisma for the fans at the fansign event! ………………….. keke……You have insulted me………”

Perhaps he did not like to be called by Minho’s nickname, but vain boy, you love holding that album of yours, right?

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haha who knows what he is even talking about XD

I m not sure if he was talking about the picture or being called flaming charisma! XD XD but I love his tweets

Omgosh I love Jjongs tweets xD
By far the best Twitter acount xD

so so funny ..the glare!!

LOL X 9999999!
I just love Jonghyun more and more~ His expression is epic!

eyyy jonghyunie.. i love u just the way you are.. hehe.. no need to be the flaming charisma

His face…
Its so ________.
I have no words to describe the way it.
Ahhh °~°

hahahaha Jonghyun-oppa’s tweets are always hilarious~~ XD

LOL that’s funny XD

insulted by the fact that he’s compared to minho, the flaming charisma? ^^ haha, silly jjong.

he is def. one of my favorite k-trolls ^^

I swear his look here kinda creeped me out at first. XD

ayko0 - 03/29/12 11:59 pm

LOL.. I didn’t get it..

I think that’s more the point in the fact that his tweets are confusing lol

Lmao I love his tweets xD

LOL.. I didn’t get it.. 

Hehe, Jonghyun XD Yes, he seems quite vain indeed, or perhaps just affirming the fact that he is not minho XD

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