Every fanboys’ dream is to share a kiss with their favorite female idol, but seeing the ladies of SNSD kissing other male celebrities is causing these male fans to erupt in frustration.

Most recently, member Yuri shared a passionate kiss with co-star Lee Jae Hoon in SBSFashion King‘. Prior to Yuri’s kissing scene, Jessica had a kissing scene with actor Lee Dong Wook in KBS 2TV‘s ‘Wild Romance‘. Meanwhile, YoonA who was the first of her fellow members to debut as an actress had a kissing scene with actor Kwon Sang Woo in the 2009 drama, ‘Cinderella Man‘. She recently made her return to the small screen through ‘Love Rain‘ and many fans are curious as to whether or not she will have another kissing scene with co-star Jang Geun Suk.

Additionally, members Tiffany and Taeyeon had a kissing scene in their musical ‘Fame‘ and ‘Midnight Sun‘ respectively.

Male fans who are against the girls’ kiss scenes commented, “I’m so frustrated,” “This does not make me feel good,” “Oh, Yuri…“, and more.

If you’re not one of the jealous fanboys above, then check out the videos of the girls’ kissing scenes below!

YoonA’s kissing scene with Kwon Sang Woo

Jessica’s kissing scene with Lee Dong Wook

Yuri’s kissing scene with Lee Jae Hoon

Tiffany’s kissing scene in ‘Fame’

Taeyeon’s kissing scene in ‘Midnight Sun’

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its only acting ...
also; its not like the fanboys own SNSD or date them ==’

it’s not like these girls actually LOVE them. it’s just some co-worker stuff. lol. they’re just doing their job.
But to be honest, they should just suck everything up…

i think these kissing scenes are gaining too much attention. the girls will not be girls forever, they’ll be women and in order for them to grow, they have to do stuff like this. so the fanboys (and probably fangirls) should just accept that these things are gonna happen some more.. Get used to it people!

fanboys need to suck it up!

it s not like they are doing it for fun! it s their job

Taeyeon’s wasn’t much of a kissing scene raspberry

If they were fans wouldnt they support them instead of complaining? ><
Oh and also I think Yuris kiss was the best raspberry By far the most intense x3

a drama is more exciting if there is a kiss, and you shouldn’t see that person in the role but the person she or he is playing, I never see them as the person they are but as the role they play smile fighting for kisses in a drama raspberry:D

dear lord… if they are pissed now with their work related activities, what are they going to do for when they actually date?! 

Seohyun , sooyoung , hyeyeon , its their turn now ~!

hahaha i feel the same way with Jang Geun Suk and Kim Bum XD

They’re gonna kiss when they have their significant others. Fans should just deal with it. Seriously.

Haha female fans feel the same way about male idols kissing XD

sometimes i doesnt see there is a need for every drama to have kiss scene.. some kissing scenes are exaggerating.. 

Didn’t know so many of them were in kissing scene!
I understand why they would be upset..
Even though I support them, if some members of my favorite groups shoot a kissing scene with another girl, I’d be jealous, maybe even upset, too T.T

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