If you’ve been following SHINee’s Jonghyun on Twitter, then you’ll know that half the things he actually tweets will make you think he’s quite the oddball. It’s already April 1st over in Korea, and Jonghyun is spending his April Fool’s day trolling his followers!

Early in the morning, Jonghyun changed his Twitter picture to CNBLUE’s Jonghyun. He even changed his description to ‘C*Blue (CNBLUE) guitarist Lee Jonghyun. 23 year old Busan man.’ which he later switched to ‘Busan man (23 years old) former judoka’. To take the joke even further, he tweeted to CNBLUE’s official Twitter: ‘Please follow me back. I am your fan.’ and later tweeted to F.T. Island’s Hongki: ‘ I am CBL Jonghyun. Hi.’

My reaction to this the entire time:

I have a feeling Jonghyun won’t be the only idol trolling to the max on this day!

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haha .. smile))

That sounds so hilarious!

lol at this. jjong’s hilarious!!!

Y u troll me! >.> oppa.. T.T

that’s awesome! good joke, he really is so adorable :D

LOL. I find this cute~! xD
Jonghyun my biias is always so cute~ :33

loooool so funny XD i love Jonghyun ahahaha

Awee I missed it. I saw when he changed it to Amber. 

LOL, he is one funny mannn, ahahaha!!

Lool thats hilarious!
for an idol he seems like hes got too much time on his hands!
...but thats soo funny!

LMAO Jonghyun too?
FT Island has been playing so many jokes and Leeteuk as well. I was fooled by most of the idols :(

LMAO I’ve been laughing all day thanks to him and Heechul trolling everyone like that XDD

i think he is amber right now xD! and geez jonghyun is such a troll on twitter!

lol is that a jang geuk suk gif? heechul did the same thing but with sulli’s picture. ohhh if only i could find a friend with the same name as me....

he is f(x) amber now. i was like what im following cn blue jonghyun and i was like he doesnt have a twitter at all. then i realize it was shinee jonghyun pulling on an april fool prank

wah!! i saw that last night!!! i wonder if CN Blue’s Jonghyun has a twitter account, so I thought it just a fan made account.. but i confused when see the tweet to Hongki ( i didn’t understand the tweet)..
it turns out that it’s Shinee’s Jonghyun’s trick.. ==’

TROLLOLOLOLOLOOOOL and if you check his twitter again, now he’s Amber!!!! LMAAAAOOOO I can’t! I just can’t

LOL Jonghyun is really funny XD

LOL Bling Bling Jjong is too adorable <3
Happy April Fool’s Day!

LOL Jjongie’s hilarious XD

haha… hilarious!
Happy April fool’s day jjongie! ^^

bwahahahahahaha so funny~~~ XD
I would want to see CNBLUE’s Jonghyun-oppa’s reaction to this!! XD

yeah he s not the only one! Heechul and Leeutek did pranks to XD XD

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