4minute’s Hyuna, the member most recognized for her flawless figure, did an interview with Mnet “Wide Entertainment News” recently. The honest singer stated, “I gained weight,” which shocked both fans and netizens.

She continued,” I really like eating a lot and stress eat. However, I feel burdened because people pay a lot of attention to my figure. So whenever I’m in the middle of promotions, I get stressed easily if I bloat even the slightest bit.”

However, Hyuna also shared her tips on keeping the weight off. She stated, “I use the stairs instead of the elevator and try to tell myself to suppress that craving, and it helps me a lot.”

Staying true to her playful self, she also explained how she manages to capture the best selcas by saying, “Find your side profile that you’re confident about, find a place with bright lighting, and slightly tilt your camera upwards.”

I have definitely not noticed any weight gain on Hyuna, and I wouldn’t mind even if I did, but I’m glad that it’s not a big deal to her.

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she still looks the same smile

she looks the same to me! so beautiful as usual

HyunA looks absolutely stunning in the photos of her on the yellow chair.

if she gained weight then what am i?

she still looks as skinny as ever
it’s good… gain wait… n stay healthy

Little weight is good, it’s not bad. 

Well...I can’t really tell if she gained weight.  If she did, she still looks beautiful!

it’s probably just a bit of weight. she still looks good so it doesn’t matter.

LOL , stairs ~!

HyunSeungFan - 04/03/12 8:52 am

She looks great! But I would be ha

Sorry accidently hit submi but I said I would be happy if she gained more weight..she always looks to skinny ><

She looks great! But I would be ha

Time to go the gym

she still looks great smile

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