Actor, Lee Min Ho was supposed to hold an event to greet fans and celebrate the opening of a Semir store in X’ian, China; however, due to the large number of fans that arrived at the event, it had to be cancelled.

On April 3rd, Starhaus Entertainment stated, “On the afternoon of April 2nd, Lee Min Ho was planning to attend the opening ceremony of the brand Semir in X’ian, China. However, due to an overflow of people, the event got cancelled.”

Lee Min Ho is currently the official model for Semir, which has over 6,000 stores across China. For the opening of their newest store, a large crowd camped out the night before and by daytime, there were over 5,000 people flooding the square in front of the store. As a result of the large crowd, the employees ended up trapped inside the store and 100 extra staff, bodyguards, and 300 Public Security Officers were sent to control the chaos… Compared to the number of fans though…they were clearly no match for them.

Lee Min Ho said in the filming video, “I’m upset that I had to leave without even getting to see everyone. I promise there will be a next time.” He was able to give out 300 signatures in a two hour span before he was escorted away.

HOLY CRAP THAT’S A LOT OF PEOPLE! I can’t imagine being at that event…it’s even overwhelming to look at!


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nice! Lee Min Ho rocks!

Haha thats awsome if I could go to china I would have totally been in that crowd!! It makes me happy inside to know there is so many other Lee Minho fans out there!!! XD

omfg! over 5000 fans! woah!

WOW; i would have been really sad about this ...
its so crowded; it’ll be hard to even spot him ...

wow thats an insane amount of people!

it just shows how popular and how much fans adore Lee Min Ho...that’s a huge crowd O.O

Wow that’s a lot of people :O I’m claustrophobic O.O

Wow, the amount of people makes me feel dizzy just looking at the photo! :O

oh my :o that are really a LOT of people :o mister popular hehe

Oh my gosh.. Just wow. Speechless. Lee Min Ho is so popular!

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