Today marks the first day of the Ningin Kpop Giveaways for April 2012! This giveaway, courtesy of KpopHeaven, is the result of all the wonderful support from our users and Facebook fans. So this is Ningin giving back! Thank you for participating in our Prize Votes! As a result, we have albums from SHINee, B1A4, SNSD and more! Read on for all the amazing details:

Contests such as this help us and our Sponsor grow. Please follow us on our Facebook and Twitter via the convenient widgets below. We will also be using these channels to communicate updates and winners.

Contest Structure:
The Ningin Kpop Giveaways is basically an online raffle. Below is the list of prizes available to win. The quantity of the prizes were determined by the social sharing actions of Ningin users. You can help increase the quanitity of prizes given out by sharing future Prize Vote type posts.

To enter this giveaway, you need to earn raffle tickets. The more raffle tickets you earn, the better your chances of winning. Instructions on how to earn tickets can be found below.

We will announce the winners of this contest and the prizes that they won in about 5-7 days after the contest end date which is: April 30th 11:59pm EST. Winners and their prizes will be chosen by a random process.

No purchases are necessary to enter. Maximum of one prize per user.

Here’s how we got to so many prizes:

Prize Votes - 2x SHINee The First Album
Prize Votes - 2x SNSD Japan 1st Album
Prize Votes - 2x SNSD Japan 1st Ablum Re:package The Boys
Prize Votes - 2x NU’EST Face Album
Prize Votes - 1x B1A4 Ignition Album
Prize Votes - 1x Big Bang Alive Poster
Prize Votes - 1x 2AM F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Way of Love Album

Bonus Prizes:

1x 2PM Still 2PM Poster
1x Super Junior Bonamana Repackage Poster
1x JS & Hyuna Troublemaker Poster
1x SMTown The Warmest Gift Poster
10x $5 KpopHeaven Promotional Gift Codes

25 total prizes! 25 different winners!

How to earn tickets:

Method #1:
Click the ticket image below once a day for each day of this contest.


Method #2:
Comment on Ningin blog posts or the blog posts of any site in the Mixr Network. Each comment gives you 1 ticket and you can earn a maximum of 10 tickets each day. If you are found spamming comments to earn tickets we may disqualify you from winning any prizes.

Method #3:
React to a blog post. Clicking on a blog reaction will get you 1 ticket and you can earn a maximum of 5 tickets a day from this method.

You may repeat each method every day.

How many tickets do you have:


This total is updated once a day.

(Avg: 4.8 - 10 votes)



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Gd luck everyone

OMG! The contest has ended! I thought it will be on the 30th..

Well,congrats to those who will win…

oh… wait for the winners!!!
Good luck to everybody!!!

The contest ended…
Can’t wait for the winner lists..

why did it end so quickly.. good luck everyone~

O.o thought there was another day? already ended? :O

it’s over? dayum. lol good luck everyone~

woah!!! what the?! i thought the contest would end in 30 , why now?

1More day wat? why now end?? T^T

whatttt?? i thought it ends on the 30th...? ;(

Contest ended. I went o_o

I thought it ends on the 30th?


Of this giveaway, LOOOOL!^^
Good luck to everyone with tickets!~ smile

O_O tomorrow is the day O_O hope to win.. 

i can’t wait till the end of this

So looking forward to this!

I’m looking forward to trying to win one of these giveaways!

If only I could win all raspberry hehe I’m a bit selfish.. but hopefully I win at least one smile

omg.... totally excited

i wanna win..but sad to say i have only a few tickets

zafra_vincent - 04/26/12 8:20 am

OMG! OMG! a few days left! if I’m so so lucky, I would like to have the NU’EST album and the BigBang poster!!

Hope.. Hope.. Hope!

NU’EST and BIGBANG! I really really reallt want both of these!

whoa i hope i win :l everyone goodluck!!!



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