The term and trend phase bbuing bbuing all started with High Kick 3, coined by Lee Jong Suk. ‘Bbuing Bbuing’ is the aegyo in which you put your fists next to your cheeks in an effort to get people to do what you ask. And now that craze has hit your favorite KPOP idols. We know girls can effortlessly pull off the aegyo, but guys…not so much since they like to keep up their masculine images, which is why it’s even funnier when they attempt the ‘bbuing bbuing’.

2PM’s Chansung & Junho
Known as the beastly idols, 2PM’s Chansung and Junho show that they still have some cute aegyo skills, especially while dressed up as monkeys. Bbuing Bbuing and monkeys? Adorable!

EXO’s TAO, Kai, & Sehun
EXO is full of cute and cool guys and at their debut showcase, Super Junior’s Leeteuk put the youngest on the spot by having them display their aegyo. Only TAO did it with confidence; Sehun and Kai, not so much. And now you know why guys don’t really try the bbuing bbuing. Their image!

Super Junior’s Ryeowook & Sungmin
Sungmin is definitely that call pull off aegyo quite well and he shows off his bbuing bbuing flawlessly. As for Ryeowook, he can’t help but stifle a laughter during his bbuing bbuing. It’s not easy for guys!

B.A.P’s Zelo
Maknae Zelo got forced by his fellow members to initiate an aegyo act, so he decided to go for the bbuing bbuing. But wait. Was that a question mark bbuing bbuing? Got to do with a little authority, Zelo!

Super Junior’s Siwon & Kyuhyun
Siwon may be a charismatic handsome gentleman, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a cute side. He showed off his hilarious bbuing bbuing skills (though it was not really) at Super Show 4 and other cute aegyo skills. As for evil maknae Kyuhyun, well, looks like he didn’t want to show off his bbuing bbuing skills. He wants to be known as a snarky evil maknae!

SHINee’s Minho
Flaming Charisma Minho has a hidden side in which he can act cute but doesn’t show it often to fans. His members call him the King of Aegyo and this is why. Oh, but he dies from embarrassment afterwards. It’s daebak.

BONUS. f(x)’s Amber
You thought I was done, eh? Nope. Here’s the cool rapper, Amber, with her ‘hip hop’ bbuing bbuing. Nice style, Amber! (Yes, I know she’s female and that this is a male idol post, but the guys should follow her example.)

So, which was your favorite aegyo? I laughed at all of them, especially EXO’s. Oh, good times.

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keke, they’re all so adorable<3

though he’s not my bias, minho is the aegyo-bbuingbbuing king ^^ love amber’s style too XD and aw, kai XD

!!!! they’re all sooooo cute!!!

cute!!! LOVED Minho’s and Amber’s Bbuing Bbuing!! And Zelo was kinda cute too!!

So many bbuing bbuing~!

amber is so cute ~!

Lool soo cute!
Amber and Zelo <3! 

Omg cant choose. They’re all so cute x) Hmm maybe Kai’s ahhh his one just so kjgadgasdghdfvcescnv xD

i love minho’s bbuing bbuing.. damn cute!

haha ambers was really awesome hahe

ppuing is so cute!!!

i love amber. she was so cute

aww i love it when they are asked to make facial expressions its so funny!~

I love Amber’s even though she’s not a male idolXD
She has that groove~~

PandaAoxora - 04/13/12 12:51 am

amber is a male idol? rofl =.=

And where did you get that idea?

Tao’s was the best. <333

HAHA EXO! lol tao is so cute! 

omg Siwon is like, sexy aegyo XD
no aegyo list is complete now without Tao XD <3

Channuneo >v< my dear monkeys >v<

Haha I like Minho’s:)

this post is most definitely squeal worthy GOSH <3

they are so cute when doing bbuing bbuing!!

zelo’s the best!!!!!!

amber is a male idol? rofl =.=

so cute all !  bbuing bbuing >w<

Minho is cute…
and Chansung and Junho is funny…

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