Before you get excited, please note that nobody on this list has been officially casted/nominated to star in Hana Kimi. This post is simply a list of potential idols I’d want to see on the small screen.

The potential cast members are of course, mostly SM artist seeing how the drama will be done by SM Entertainment, however, there are some non-SM candidates. Although many people oppose the idea of always trying to transform idols into actors, it’s a given that dramas seem to be more successful when familiar faces are acting out the scenes, such as Dream High or You’re Beautiful. Also, this gives idols a chance to show off their other talents, and fans to see more of their bias’s faces.

For those whom aren’t familiar with the drama Hana Kimi, it is about a girl, Ashiya Mizuki (Please note that all the names said will be the Japanese characters seeing as how the Korean character names haven’t been released) who’s long-time role model is Sano Izumi, a high jump athlete. Sano for some reason (I don’t want to spoil it for those whom haven’t watched it yet) has decided to stop high jumping, and Ashiya decides to disguise herself as a male to go to the school Sano does in an attempt to persuade him to resume his previous activity. This is a rough synopsis, but you’ll find out more in the character descriptions below!

Dorm 1’s Head, Tennoji Megumi - Mblaq’s Lee Joon.

Character Description: Tennoji is the head of Dorm 1, which is basically the martial arts portion of the academy. He is famous for his harsh punishments on the members of his dorm, but has a soft passionate side when it comes to his girlfriend Kanna. He’s also a very honest and fair character.
Why: At first glance, Lee Joon might look like a muscular bully, but once you get to know him(as much as you can through a computer/tv screen), you can see that he is internally a nice guy with a heart of gold.

Dorm 2’s Head, Nanba Minami - Jung Yunho.

Character Description: Nanba Minami is Dorm 2’s Head player. He has multiple girl friends, and is always getting calls all the time to go out. Despite his immature playful exterior, he has actually quite strong willed internally, and has natural leadership skills.
Why: With his looks and charisma, it’s only a given that girls would be all over Yunho, and not to mention that he is also the leader of his group.

Senri Nakao - Infinite’s Sungjong

Character Description: Nakao is the incredibly feminine male that has a quite obviously crush on the head of Dorm 2, Nanba Minami. He develops bitter feelings towards Ashiya because he refuses to lose to “him” at being the pretty face of the school, but becomes friends with “him” later on after discovering that they have similar feelings.
Why: Sungjong gives off an incredibly feminine essence, and also has a face that makes him look as if he would be easily jealous.

Taiki Kayashima - Super Junior’s Kim Jongwoon (Yesung)

Character Description: Kayashima has the ability to see ghosts, and often creeps up out of no where with a “chilling” sensation.
Why: Needless to say, Yesung was practically made for this role with his somewhat “creepy” aura.

Dorm 3’s Head Himejima Masao - Super Junior’s Kim Heechul.

Character Description: Himejima’s dorm is basically the theater dorm filled with pretty faces. He gives everything a dramatic flare, whether it be his words, actions, or even his entrance. He’s often possessed by spirits, for some unknown reason.
Why: Among netizens, Heechul is by far the most popular vote for this role, and nobody can really argue otherwise. Heechul and Himejima both have a passion for being dramatic and diva like, and are both set with a pretty face.

St. Blossom Academy’s Hanayashiki Hibari - Ailee

Character Description: Hibari is the head of St. Blossom’s Hibari Four, and similar to Himejima, she often gives everything a dramatic flare. She has a crush on Sano, and blocks any other girl from crossing his path.
Why: Despite Ailee being quite a rookie, she definitely made an impression in Dream High 2. Many people are waiting for Ailee to be seen on screen once again, and what better chance then with Hana Kimi? Not only that, but Ailee’s pretty girl face automatically makes her a candidate for the character.

St. Blossom Academy’s Imaike Komari - F(x)’s Choi Sulli.

Character Description: Komari is the newest member of Hibari Four, and develops a crush on Nakatsu after working with him at the conjoined school festival. Komari is a very innocent and loving character, and is often scolded by the other members of Hibari Four, yet they all take care of her as if they were her mother.
Why: Although Sulli is currently the top candidate for the lead role of Ashiya like it states here, I believe that Sulli should instead take on the role of Komari. The two of them share similar factors and traits, firstly being the child or “baby” of the group, that makes everybody want to take care of them. They also give off an innocent and clueless essence.

Academy’s doctor, Umeda Hokuto - Super Junior’s Park Jungsu(Leeteuk)

Character Description: Hokuto is the school’s doctor, and is first to discover that Ashiya is actually a girl. Throughout the drama, he helps get Ashiya out of tough situations, and is also believed to be gay, despite a somewhat romantic connection between him and another character.
Why: Leeteuk pretty much is the symbol of protection, and he never fails to make the mood easy going and laughable - not to mention that he’ll look hot in a doctor’s coat.

Nakatsu Shuichi - Super Junior’s Lee Donghae

Character Description: Nakatsu is the soccer freak he becomes Ashiya’s first friend. After a while he begins to develop feelings for her, and questions his sexuality. He’s always joking around to help make the mood more enjoyable, and is also somewhat of an idiot.
Why: Donghae is the passionate joker that everybody can’t help but love. He’s great at making an enjoyable atmosphere, and he is also quite a soccer player.

Sano Izumi - SHINee’s Choi Minho

Character Description: Sano is the lead male, who gives up his dream of being a high jump professional after undergoing an accident. When Ashiya butts into his life, he can’t help but be annoyed at the other, but soon he finds Ashiya to be growing on him. He finds out about Ashiya’s true gender almost right away, and begins to unconsciously protect the oblivious Ashiya.
Why: Minho image among fans is being quite a quiet, charismatic athlete. With his experience in Dream Team, and acting in several short dramas, we can see that Minho is quite compatible to the role of Sano, not to mention that he is currently the top candidate.

Ashiya Mizuki - Park Shin Hye

Character Description: Ashiya is the lead female role who continuously attempts to get Sano to resume his previous dream. She displays a strong sense of determination and courage, and one can’t help but like her.
Why: Although many people have suggest Amber from F(x) due to her boyish exterior, I don’t think she would necessarily fit the role. Because Mizuki’s character is a girl pretending to be a boy, people automatically choose the boyish Amber, however have failed to actually look at Mizuki’s character. Mizuki’s is actually quite feminine in the drama/manga and gives off an innocent/clueless essence, despite trying to appear male. Park Shin Hye has already had experienced of the “pretending to be a boy” role, which was displayed in korean drama Your Beautiful, and she proved her acting to be quite successful. Although she is not necessarily an idol, she’s still the best fit for the role.

And with that, the list comes to an end.

What do you guys think about the nominated idols above? Anybody you agree or disagree with? Who would be your ideal cast for the drama?

(Avg: Need 5 votes)



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I agree with your casting!! especially Sungjong!! Love him ^^

I doubt Joon would snag a role because of his fish head. LOL JOKES XD

i’m tired of seeing Shinhye act as a boy. :( choose others please T_T

Minho and Shinhye definitely fit the role! :D

ah i love your list<3 (and i like it a lottt esp. with the female lead role switched - i can’t imagine sulli as mizuki XP too tall and.. i guess i just can’t picture it XP)

it’s been so long since i’ve watched the japanese and taiwanese dramas<3 i can’t wait to read the manga (it’s so overdue xp; it’s been on my ‘to-do’ list for forever XP) and watch the actual drama!

i can actually imagine changmin for the lead male role ^^ (maybe i’m just biased haha..)

LOL yesung, leeteuk, sungjong & heechul’s roles are PERFECT<3
since i’m not biased toward sm.. i totally wish this list/most of this can come true :<

Donghae as nakatsu...hahahaha...seriuosly,i love it !

Btw when will be air? I wonder

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH ALL OF THESE CASTINGSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would be amazing if they remade Hana Kimi with these idols :D

I definitely agree with the side characters especially heechul’s role OMG.
but as the list went down to the main roles, I wonder if theyre really a good role. Hopefully, they get a really good cast!!! and the female character should get short hair rather than a wig.
ALSO!! I want the storyline to surpass the original!!! (i may be wanting too much but i think it would make the viewers look forward to it rather than saying that this is suckier than the original.)
OMG hopefully this doesnt look like a rant >o<

I read the manga and loved it but didn’t see the Japanese drama… But if this casting were to happen in the Korean drama I will definitely watch it! But even so, I think I would watch it hehehe


ahhhh!! minho and park shin hye!!! yes yes casting ever

WHAAAAT?! Korean version of Hana Kimi??! lol i still haven’t seen the Japanese and Taiwanese versions yet xD I so agree with Donghae though I don’t really know the story line aha. He’s just a great actor..from Skip Beat <3 kekeke

Agreeeee! XD
but i still really choose Amber, probably because i know she has both the boyish and girlish side of her and i want to see that wink

I soo agree with this list! especially Yesung XD XD

I’m so excited for the Korean version now! smile

I really like your choices but I would change the role of Sano Izumi & Mizuki, I know his characteristics (I watched the japanese version) and I think TOP from BIGBANG would suit this role. His acting would totally match the character of Sano. Park Shin Hye is a great actor but I just really don’t see her playing that kind of role.

this drama would be awesome if these people were in it :D!

heechul , <3 <3 ~!

I agree with all of these roles, especially with Minho and Park Shin Hye. 

I would love to see Sungjong acting!!!


But shouldn’t it be you know… SM artists? lol
OH OH OH. Ailee, Sungjong and Heechul LOLOL. I picture Tennoji more of Taeyang though…

OH OH. Sooyoung should be there. If I remember correctly, Taiki had a counterpart in hana. She looked just like Sooyoung. And they even act the same. LOL

As much as I would love to see Minho on the screen I wouldn’t want him to play the lead role, he kisses everyone! Not like he doesn’t do that now. -.-

park shin hye had her time already, its time to let other girl actor challenge the role..but i don’t think amber could pull mizuki’s character either..hurm..i agree with the boys characters, but minho looks too ‘small’ to have the protective image towards ashiya, maybe Siwon fr SJ? 

shin hye really good for the boyish-but still pretty cast ^^ i think so too that she would be so good to be mizuki, and as joon i think he wouod be good as nakatsu too ~ kkk ~ and so agree with teukki not to mention the touchy-touchy :b ~

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