News about 2NE1 and collaborating surfaced a while ago and a low quality snippet of the collaboration track “Take The World On” was recorded while being played at a Seoul nightclub. The full song has not yet been released but a very long and HQ preview has been leaked. Check it out below.

2NE1 have also put their own little twist on Madonna’sLike A Virgin” and have covered it for their Japanese album “Collections“. Take a listen to the cover below.

2NE1’s vocals in “Take The World On” sound like a mixture of Britney Spears, Madonna and Ke$ha and definitely has that American electronic-pop feeling to it. I’m not too fond on the single because I can’t really feel 2NE1 in it, if you know what I mean. I like their cover of “Like A Virgin” but it’s too cutesy for me, props to their great English pronunciation though!

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Love it!!! i want album…

Love it! hope they will release an album soon

yeahh!!! I wonder how the final album will sound like :D

I want their US Album to drop already <333 This sound so epic! 

Can they release their English album already...they h e been saying its going to be release for such a long time!

yesssss finally i cant wait for their eng album to drop

Well i just hope they do well x

love the new song!! can’t wait for their american album to come out!!!!

this does sound American i hope alot of people find it!!

can’t wait for their US debut! ^^
Sadly, the song is a bit too autotuned, but it does have an american feel to it. 

wow , with ~! :D

I still cant believe they corroborated with Will.I.Am!
Anyway, this sounds pretty wicked!


Love it! Can’t wait for their American debut!!!

Omg love it ^^ Sounds awesomee

crypler01 - 04/13/12 6:06 am

wow they have good voices. like the one wherin they collaborated with
Proud to be a filipino~

wherein . sorry for the typographical error..

wow they have good voices. like the one wherin they collaborated with
Proud to be a filipino~

FINALLY! It feels like forever since I heard that Will.I.Am. and 2NE1 are working together~
Song sounds really catchy!

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