Today, April 14th, marks the date ofBlack Day! Now, many of us might not feel the best about ourselves for still being single, but fear not! Music is our best friend, so why not fill the day with a play list complete with songs that makes us single people feel good?

For those of you whom don’t know, Black Day is a South Korean holiday where single people all gather together to eat jajangmyeon. It’s for those who weren’t able to celebrate Valentine’s day with a loved one.

1. G20 - Let’s Go!

Instead of fretting over that one lover that you don’t have, cherish the friends that you do! G20 is made up of a group of 20 different k-pop idols, which symbolizes that as long as you have a group of friends that put a smile on your face, that’s all you need!

2. Coed - Bbiribbom Bberibbom

This crazy, fun, and upbeat song will definitely get your spirit out of the dumps! The colorfulness and action will make you forget all about your sadness of being single.

3. 2NE1 - I am the Best

If 2NE1 can say it, then so can you! You are the best, so why should you care about having some petty girlfriend/boyfriend?

4. Super Junior - Sorry Sorry

“Sorry”, the phrase you’ll always have to say if you were to get a romantic interest. Seeing as how you’d always be afraid of doing something wrong, and be mindful of every thing you do, it’ll become a frequent word that comes out of your mouth - if you we’re in a relationship. Celebrate being single by listening to this song and feeling the relief that you don’t have to always be cautious of what you do!

5. Teen Top - No More Perfume on You

Would you rather suffer the painful agony of having your boyfriend/girl friend cheat on you, or would you rather bathe in the happiness of being single? I don’t know about you, but I’d take being single any day.

6. SNSD - The Boys

For all you girls out there, SNSD reminds us just how great it is to be single! Free to flirt, and free to lure in “The Boys”! Being tied down simply wouldn’t be as fun.

7. 2NE1 - I Don’t Care

That’s exactly the perspective we should take on a day like this - just don’t care! Who care’s if we don’t have some person we’re tied down to, this just means that we have more money, more time, and a whole much more freedom!

8. Jonghyun - So Goodbye

Exactly right Jonghyun, say goodbye to all the bad feelings and tears of desperation we have to finally escape to a happier place.

9. Super Junior - Mr. Simple

Super Junior does a pretty good explanation on the kind of douche bags out in the world, so why would you want one as a lover?

Now that the list is finished, what other “single worthy” songs do you think all the single people out there should be listening too?

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Yay. Teen Top made it. 8D

i like most of the songs here xD teen top looks mad embarrassed (i wonder who gave tht idea) x3 me likeyzz <3

Haha. Agree with Jonghyun’s ‘So Goodbye’. I like that song! ^^


why isnt a SHINee pic on the very first picture!!!!??? other than that....I LOVE ALL OF THESE SONGS!

Ah i love that Jonghyun’s So Goodbye is on here!!

I agree with the list!  I d like to add Jay Park and ChaCha Malone s Single Life I guess it would fit perfectly in here

Bwahahahaha! Mr. Simple and Sorry Sorry, SJ’s hit singles are about being single? they’re still not interested to be married? I hope so.. Btw, the list is good. I love seeing 2ne1 and others on the list.

Yay for being single! I’ll have to check the songs out later.

love all these songs!!!....except no more perfume on you...that songs just wrong :( (but love the pick raspberry)

Awww. It’s too bad I’m not single anymore :o

i agree with this list so much ^_^!

LOl teen Top’s picture of them in heels and no pants lawwll

JONGHYUN!! I love that song. XD

Love seeing 2NE1’s songs on the list!

Great playlist! I’ll check these out:D

I love this list :D yay for singles. Less stress for us that’s for sure


I agree with the list xx
I love i am the best!

I agree with this. I wish we have black day here in the U.S

I have to agree, I’d rather be single than sorry or broke or paranoid (about a cheating bf). Cheers to all the singles out there.
I think miss a’s over you would be a good match for today. smile

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