We all know that society is under the impression that you must be skinny to be beautiful, but exactly how skinny is too skinny? With Kpop idols, almost all of our biases are all underweight, but some idols seem to take “being skinny” to a whole new level.

As a follow up to 11 Overly Skinny Idols Who Could Really Use Some KFC which featured idols like Taemin, Ryeowook, Hara, Dara, and more, we now present part two, seeing as how there are way too many nearly anorexic idols to list.

Personally I believe that each and every kpop idol should be on their way to KFC this very moment, seeing as how they’re all way under the average weight, but the post unfortunately only allows the 10 most skinniest idols in, so without further ado, let us start the post. The idols are stated in no particular order.

U-Kiss’s Kevin

Kevin’s body is definitely skinnier then any male kpop idol I’ve seen. With his skinny structure you can easily mistaken him as a girl, like you can see in the video below.

EXO’s Kai

EXO is SM Ent’s newly debuted group, and although the group hasn’t even gone through the pressure of being an idol yet, they are still as skinny as can be - especially Kai. Being the main dancer of EXO, you need a lot of energy, but exactly how much energy can he stock up in that tiny frame of his? This must be why many compare him to SHINee’s Taemin, seeing as how they’re both much too skinny.

SNSD’s Jessica

To be able to easily see her spinal cord with the idol is simply sitting down proves that she definitely needs to be first in line for a bucket of fried chicken.

Brave Girl’s Seo Ah

Although she does have abs, don’t be fooled - the rest of her body’s skin and bones. Seo Ah has also announced that she plans to go dieting once again - either she wants to kill herself or she doesn’t own a mirror.

SHINee’s Key

Key is often called the “Umma” of SHINee, and with such a skinny frame like his, it’s no wonder they compare him to a womanly figure.

Infinite’s Sungjong

When it comes to the maknae of the group, it’s always an immediate guess that they’d be the skinniest, but just how skinny is Sungjong shooting to be? Even though the picture is simply of his neck and up, you can already tell just how bony he really is.

Girl’s Day Yura

Girl’s Day consists of some of the most skinniest members ever, and for Yura to be the skinniest is already too incredible to handle - and I don’t mean in a good way.

After School’s Nana

That puffy dress isn’t fooling anybody! On the contrary, it makes Nana look even more fragile then she already is.

Miss A’s Fei

Fei’s arms are so thin that it looks like it could be easily snapped in two! I’m always afraid to even touch people like that, seeing as how I worry that I might accidently hurt them.

JYJ’s Junsu

Junsu never had a problem with weight before, but it seems like all this stress is taking a toll on his health! His cheeks are way too sullen to be considered normal.

I’d also like to honorarily mention SHINee’s Onew, because no post mentioning KFC or fried chicken is complete without him.

Which idols do you think are way too skinny? If they weren’t on this or the previous list, comment below!

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