It seems like SM’s choreographer Gregory Hwang will be keeping us updated with EXO-related news from now on! After uploading some dance practice videos with the members, Greg has now gone to revealing some ’scary’ pictures of the members on the set of their ‘MAMA‘ music video.

Fans were in for quite the surprise when they got to the little screamo part of ‘MAMA’ as the members donned frightening black face paint (the scariest being Kai’s for me). While all the members had unique designs painted across their faces, we only got to see the makeup up close from Kai, Xiu Min, and Kris since it was their part. Greg uploaded three new photos and we can now see Luhan and D.O.’s face paint up close now.

Along with each of the photos, he tweeted, “I miss exo -m .. Kkkkkkkkk”, “My favorite is …. D.O kkkkkkk Batman style !”, and “Scary Exo kkkkk”.

I’m amazed at how detailed Kris’ face paint is! I wonder why he had the lightning bolt thing instead of this one in the music video.

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Poor Xiu Min. He looks too cute in real life and seeing him in MAMA scared me. I didn’t even know it was him the first time o.O

not the least bit scary!!! too too cute!

wow it looks like they have done some ritual and got those marks from a demon lol haha just kidding..this reminded me of sasuke when uruchimaru bit him…

that’s amazing face paint though!

Oh how I love Xiumin :D


wonder how they came up with the design :o..

Xiumin just made the regular picture look very frightening O.O LOL

i remember watching MAMA for the first time, and the make up scared the heck out of me xD LOL

They look scary but they are a great Rookie Group! <3

o.o the artist is super talented. Those designs look sick

That is such cool and intricate make-up!!! I really like it! ^-^

batman in front joker in back
robin to the right and jokers sidekick to the left.
agree?or is it just me?

beauty0cutie - 04/15/12 2:19 pm

lu han looks cute but xiu min looks scary!

I agree! Xiu Min’s look is much scarier! Luhan looks cute! Kris’ look is cool too in my opinion!

Love D.O’s ‘batman style’ - makes his eyes look amazing
Also like how intricate Kris’ is

this is cool. i like luhan’s

Oh my God that is soo scary!
But they look totally good, if you know what I mean!

I really like this lol ^.^

Exo just gets more and more epic

lu han looks cute but xiu min looks scary!

That looks amazing! I love it :D


I still can’t get over how awesome this looks!

oooohhh scary !!!!


the face paints are scary....

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