There are many child idols around these days, but some of them are just too adorable to go unmentioned.

The three Moon brothers :

The Moon brothers are well known from Season 3’s Hello Baby with girl group T-ara
They are one of the cutest baby ulzzangs that I have seen, mainly because of their huge eyes. (Ulzzang means “best face” in Korean). Apart from their looks, they also acted cute, always giving out kisses to their ‘ummas’ on Hello Baby. Not only know from Hello Baby, the eldest, Mason is known mainly for his role in the Korean film Baby and I, with the popular star Jang Geun Suk.

I just couldn’t help but put up this absolutely adorable picture of Mason when he was younger, he’s just so cute!

Kim Soo Jung :

For those of you who don’t know her she is a child star actress, who’s played a part in ‘Pink Lipstick’, ‘Two Wives’ and ‘My Precious Child’. She’s also known for appearances in KBS’s Star Golden Bell and nicknamed ‘Answer Girl’. Her actions are just too cute, that many idols tend to copy her :

Though not all of them can look as cute…

Not only is she great to copy from, but she also does adorable copies of people :

Yoogeun :

I of course couldn’t forget the little boy who won over so many people’s hearts, including boy group SHINee. Not just his appearance but his dances are definitely something to smile from ear to ear about :

It’s so cute to see that he still remembers his ‘appas’ (after performing their newest song ‘Sherlock’)
He’s also been in some cf’s, probably casted because of his adorable looks :

To be honest all the kids in that cf were pretty adorable. Cuteness overload at 0:28.

Lauren, Leo, Dayoung :

These 3 from the latest Season of Hello Baby, were too cute, I just wasn’t able to pick one of them!
Lauren with her angelic looks, Leo with his playful, cheeky attitude and Dayoung with her quiet but cute appearance. Altogether these three made MBLAQ’s Hello Baby one of the cutest I have seen, in how they interacted with their ‘appas’, until the end of the season where they all had a tight, close bond.

There were too many cute moments to choose from so I’ll just leave you with this hilarious picture :

Though of course Mir is basically a child.

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They all are so cute :3

I love Kim Soo Jung and Yoogeun!! They are soooo adorable! 

Yoogeun is a nice baby, too he have my envy, because had kissed Minho and Jonghyun, hahaha.
Leo, Lauren and Dayoung are lucky babies, because they had a appa like a child.

they are so cuteee!! > <


Hello Baby!
One of the most awesome shows i’ve ever watched :(

i miss all the hello baby T,T
i want a little brother like yoogeun lol

Yoogeun <3 i want SHINee’s Hello Baby again

Ahahah omigod, i was sobbing at MBLAQ’s Hello Baby ending T-T They are all too cute <3

aww love the babies especially mason and yooguen!

absolutely adored Mason in JKS’s Baby and I movie. but 1st will always be Yooguen in the heart of a diehard Shawol like me heehee

I just wanna squish them up!^^ >_____________<

Yoogeun is my favorite from my favorite season and SHINee was in it <3 SHINee Hello baby forever the best season ever! <3

All of them are so cute~ but my favorite is Yoogeun ^^ I hope to see a reunion with Shinee~

they are all so cute :]

mir so cute!! >.<

mir’s the cutest of them all raspberry

and yoooguen!! <3<3<3

Mir XD of course he counts as a child!

awwwwwwwww so cute ^-^

awwww Lauren , Dayoung, and Leo all look so ADORABLEEE :3
Especially Mir of coursee ! 

all of them so cute~~~

hahaha Mir is cute , hahaha ~!

LOL. They are all very cute ^^

All of them are so cute, but I love Yoogeun <3

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