For those of you whom don’t know, 9gag is a popular website where users submit the funniest memes, pictures, rage comics, etc. It seems like kpop really must be going viral, because a meme of Super Junior (pictured above) managed to make the front page - which is quite a hard feat.

Among the other American websites, kpop really isn’t as popular as it seems, that’s why it’s a great honor for Super Junior to have managed to trend on the site.

There was a lot of controversy on the picture, and comments consisted of “Brace yourselves. The Super Junior/ELFs comments are coming.” “Why is Kpop invading 9gag? ;_; My only place for escape.” and “These guys are as gay as twilight.”

Not the best compliments out there, but hey, haters are going to hate.

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LOL.. Eunhyuk is pretty happy standing with his own height!

the pictures is pretty funny xD

well, haters gonna hate!! 

Haha shindong n sungmin r ao funny xD

lol sungmin’s face is just priceless

Haha...yeah haters gonna hate...but this pic is hilarious.

ah, kpop has that reputation huh.. :/

it’s ok - we’ll still be proud (;

it is so funny n cute at the same time

its really funny but also cute at the same time xD

hah so cute!! xD

OMG~ thats like funny and cute at the same time! 

The guy is really tall. Can’t blame them for tiptoe-ing lol. As for the immature comments out there, those can’t stop us from loving Kpop. Love is all~

lol haha that guy is really tall haha

That guy’s too tall ! Super Junior isn’t short ! LOL

LMAAAOOO hahahaha gotta love them!

haha cute smile I feel obligated to tippytoe next to tall people too.. ;_; as for the haters, there would always immature people out there.. all we can do is wait for them to grow up -_-

well that guy is really tall XD XD

Hahaha this is so cute

this would be funny if it werent on 9gag.. smh

hahah i love it!

Sungmin’s cute face~!! ^^

psh, whatever haters, I love this pic XD

omfg XDDDDD i died laughing when i saw this. XDD too cute

lol so funny they are not tall enough raspberry

But they’re so adorable! How can you hate them?

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