We all know that Girls’ Generation YoonA is beautiful, but once again she proves that she is perfect in her latest unedited photos from her photo shoot.

The photos that showcased YoonA’s long, shapely legs and captivating beauty in a pink and white mini-dress, were taken by a representative of the new food product Girls’ Generation is modelling for.

Even unedited, YoonA makes everyone jealous of her small face and long limbs leading fans to write “YoonA’s beauty is no joke,” “Daebak“ and “Not a single flaw on her body.”

I wonder how much effort she has to put in to maintain such a goddess-like figure. So envious!


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Yoona is gorgeous! I wonder what she does to keep that perfect body

yoona looks so gorgeous. i’m so jealous i wish i have a body like her

so pretty. Great body!

yoona looks so gorgeous, beautiful and natural

so gorgeous and sexy~

Yoong is such a sexy deer! :D

wow. jaw dropping image keke

Curvy~ What about me ?

soo.. jealous.. = =;;

lol yoona’s reputation is well deserved ^^

flawless and beautiful
gosh yoona unnie is so gorgeous

hopefully no need to photoshop anything. Yoona unni is beautiful as always~~

shes sooooooo pretty
gorgeous body <3

Yoona definitely has a really nice body

she’s so slim o.o cameras usually add a few pounds too. i wonder how she looks like in person..

i wish i knew her workout routine raspberry

woah she looks amazing! 

she is so pretty :]

i need to watch love rain!

wow he body is very nice

So pretty!!
I like her outfit~

She looks pretty and a nice body.

She has a beautiful face and smile <3. As for the body… I’ve seen way way better wink

Natural!~ Yoona is always gorgeous<3

im so jelly of her body GOSH

Oh my goodness, she looks gorgeous but a bit on thin side T_T

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