After unveiling images of SHINee in soccer uniforms and baseball uniforms as well as putting 2NE1’s Dara in a spunky cheerleading uniform, Etude House is back once more to tease a new picture for its 2nd Skin Sports Festival.

This time, it shows Onew and Dara dressed up in adorable tennis outfits and they look ready to play tennis on a soccer field. A net has just been erected for purpose of the picture.

I love this tennis allusion and whatnot because I play tennis, but just letting you know, Onew, you probably would fall playing with those shoes on. Just saying.

Oh I get it. You’re a coach with your whistle and all.

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Hey Onew, I’ll be your coach for tennis :]

they look adorable <3

they look soo cute~~

Lol this is cute!
I lovvve tennis! 

Awhhh they look so cute :3

they look cute and they both suit pink

haha that’s cute!  i guess Onew won the match tongue laugh

onew is so pink XD

Cant wait for the CF release :D

So adorbale !! Onew finally got to meet up with Dara :D

Onew is so cute posing like that. ^^ Coaching like a boss!

haha Onew’s a coach lol keke

Haha Onew as a coach.
They are so cute

they both look so cute. ^^

Hehe <3 Onew is wearing pink like a man (:
Theyre both so pretty. 

Onew XP You’re so cute! I want to play tennis with him now XP

Aww, both of them are so cute! I’d love to play tennis with both of them~

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