SHINee will finish their promotional activities for hit song Sherlock this week and the resident trolling puppy has decided to drop another rare selca on his Twitter, which should delight fans.

Jonghyun tweeted, “Throwing in a selca. You have a heart attack,” and attached an adorable four-picture collage for fans to see. Seen in a black tank, Jonghyun winks for the camera and smiles cutely, bringing smiles to all who see the picture. Beware, you may indeed get a heart attack from the cute!

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his face is super pink HAHA maybe he just finished dance practice? nevertheless, he’s still adorable :D

Ahh so adorable :D I think I really might have a heart attack

he looks adorable <3
it would have been better if he was shirtless XD

omfg this man he is trying to kill us all isnt he LOL raspberry too cute :D

oh geez, why is he so cute? @//@

lOL he finally uploads selca’s to his twitter account XD!

o3o omg… so cuuuute x3x

Only trolls like him would wish heart attacks upon his fans ;_;
You’re such a cutie T3T

he is soo cute raspberry :D

bobamochi - 04/18/12 1:09 pm

I think a heart attack would only be fitting if he showed his abs or something HA.

That’s what I was thinking!

I think a heart attack would only be fitting if he showed his abs or something HA.

Its not enough but he’s cute here right? smile

Haha this picture got me to get out of bed xD

his smile is so cute

Omgosh hes sucha qt :3

Aww jonghyun looks adorable in his selcas XD

He looks adorable!

His lips! XD so cute

Jonghyun is definitely way too cute

I had a mini heart attack (can’t afford to be late for class XD) ugh!! jonghyun!!! why must you be this way!?! lol xD so cute!

his smile is so beautiful~~~

Not enough to have a heart attack, but it’s definitely cute. 

jjong! saranghaeyo! hehe

His smile and his wink are so adorable but his body is so WOW!
But it’s not enough for giving me an heart attack

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