SHINee will be ending their activities for Sherlock this week and the quintet made an appearance on a recent episode of SBSOne Night of TV Entertainment.

There, the boys made their appearance when the show was talking about male celebrities and their long hair. Naturally, as Taemin wore long locks for ‘Sherlock’, he was chosen as one of the prettiest long-haired male celebrities and was asked to share the troubles that came with that.

Taemin hilariously commented, “I went to the men’s bathroom, but people looked at me in confusion. So in order to make sure they understand I’m a guy, I had to keep pretending like I was clearing my throat.” Jonghyun agreed and piped up, “Since Taemin grew out his hair and ‘flaunted’ his beauty, I heard girl group members have been very cautious of him. Even girl groups are jealous of his pretty hair.” (You mean more his beauty, right, Jonghyun?)

Taemin even shared a comment that legendary Patti Kim said to him during the singers’ tribute to her for Immortal Song 2. “She really did tell me, ‘I hate you so much.’ So I asked her why, and she said, ‘It’s because you’re just too pretty.’”

In the end, Taemin ‘apologized’ for being born pretty, commenting, “I don’t know what to say. I’m just born like this…I’m sorry for being born so pretty.”

And here you were trying to come up with a manlier image. Oh Taemin. Whatever shall Shawols do with you?


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Taemin. You will forever be the envy of females everywhere.

lol He doesn’t need to apologize for being so pretty! XD

It’s okay, Taemin. We forgive you. 

Aigoo. <3 Taeminnie was born pretty, no need to apologize. Even though i do envy your long hair =3=

No need to sorry Taemin! I feel also like that. Hahaha LOL

No need to sorry Taemin! I feel also like that. Hahaha LOL

no don’t be sorry! we love this way XD XD

Aww, Taemin! There’s no need to be sorry, they’re all just jealous of your good looks! XD <3

lol apologizing for being too pretty, cute

Why is he sorry, it’s not like a lot of people choose to be how they look and I bet a lot of people put him down because he is pretty so it’s not like it’s fair on his part.

No, don’t be sorry Taemin °w°

Even I’m jealous of him ><

He is really just too pretty ~!

Lol aww Taemin don’t apologize, embrace it. xD

LMAO poor Taemin XDD

haha wow haha don’t know what to say..i just laugh hehe

lmao that is just too precious haha

Taemin apologizing for being born pretty made me laugh so much XD. That’s ok Taemin XD

yeah… we all know you’re not sorry at all! and don’t be! lol enjoy it, gir..i mean, boy! (jk jk, i love u taemin!)

LOL!~ Beautiful Taemin~ -3-

He is really pretty, but at the same time, also really handsome.
Don’t apologize! You should thank your parents instead!

Lololol pretty oppas~~

awwwwwwwwww taeminnie oppa is innocent!! the god of beauty chose him to be pretty n beautiful <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

I wonder if Taemin’s comfortable with his pretty image, since he wants to seem manlier o.o
You shouldn’t have to apologize for being born with good looks xD
You’re pretty and manly in my eyes Taemin-ah! <3

He is seriously pretty though o-o

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