MBC’s Weekly Poll topic this week was ‘Idol Member We Want to Steal For Our Group’ and SHINee’s Taemin stole the spot.

Groups like FT Island, Miss A, B1A4, and more participated and they judged based on dancing, singing, appearance, etc. Idols reasoned that “He’s so young but he dances and sings so well” and “He’s so pretty.”

MC Jung Hyung Don, after seeing a picture of Taemin dressed as a girl, commented, “My heart just fluttered at that picture.

They made a good choice. Taemin is really talented, don’t you think?

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(Avg: Need 5 votes)



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of course taeminnie oppa has everything each group desired to have. <3<3<3

he sure is, he improved alot! his singing, wow!, dancing, amazing!!
but Taemin will forever be in SHINee!!

well he s cute, Handsome, pretty, a great dancer! have nice vocals! so yeah I guess they choose well

lolololololoolol XD taemin daebakkkkk XD

lol can’t blame them, Taemin is a catch :D

hehe congrats to taemin, he really is an awesome dancer, and he has such a strong and manly boy for such a cute boy

LMAOO is it beacuse he dances good and looks pretty?

LOL Yes hes got everything x) Including the pretty looks raspberry

I dont blame them, he is cute, pretty and talented.

Taemin is adorable, any group would be lucky to have him too bad for them SHINee has already claimed him wink

i love the comment that Jung Hyung Don said XDDD too funny. 

I have to agree he is a great dancer and singer!
Everyone wants him now. LOL

everyone wants him

LoL Why wouldn’t anyone not want Taemin? He is a really great dancer and singer♥

Haha he’s a great dancer and singer ^^ I’m sure a lot of groups want him :D

of course everyone wants him >.<

haha, everyone wants Taeminnie!

Yup~ I agree! Taeminnie is so loveable~

Hehehe everyone wants him !!

Ahahaha who wouldn’t want him!! <3

Hehe Taeminnie <3
I’d steal you too. 

Haha they aren’t the only ones who want to steal him. xD
Taemin is definitely talented. smile

They’re not the only ones who want to steal Taemin wink

LOL Taemin /is/ really pretty as a girl. Well, as a guy too, of course

Hmmm I wonder which group he will be included if not Shinee

Haha I wanna steal him as well >.<

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