Super Junior’s Kyuhyun has been fulfilling his role as Frank Jr. for his Catch Me if You Can musical and for his most recent show, looks like he had a bit of love and support from his group mates as well as a soloist.

Yesung, Sungmin and Jay Park went to support the evil maknae and Yesung uploaded the above picture to his Twitter and tweeted, “Went to watch Kyuhyun, Jungyeol-hyung and Publae-hyung’s musical and took a proof shot with Sungmin and Jaebummie! Yay~~!” Taken backstage, they all look quite cheerful. While it’s given that Super Junior members would go indeed watch Kyuhyun’s musical, I’m excited to see Jay Park give his support to Kyuhyun. Such a sweet gesture!

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Idols supporting one another are adorable :]

Nice that they are close and support each other ^^
That’s very sweet of them (:

Sungmin and Jay look really cute in this photo kyaa^^
I’m happy seeing Jay with Kyuhyun wink

Glad to see Jeabum in there too! He looks cute with those glasses <3

soo sweet of them :D hope kyuhyun does well in the musical, but with his voice no doubt he would

Kyuhyun Fightingg ! 

I knew the Suju boys were close, but it’s nice to see Jay Park also supporting Kyuhyun! Who knows, maybe they became friends after being together on Immortal Song 2

Awhhh so sweet :3
Haha Sungmin looks awesome with the cap ^^

aww that’s nice, kyuhyun looks happy

Wow nice to see other artist supporting KyuHyun :D

Jaebummie! Yay!

Kyuhyunnie and Jay Parkkie~ Cute~

Jay park and Kyuhyun looking cute ^^

i never knew jay park was close friends with suju boys

So cute!! ^^ Kyu fighting!! 

Woot even Jay! <3

Aww, that’s sweet. I think it’s funny that Yesung had to post “proof” tho XD

come to cheer evil maknae !?!? hahaha

Sungmin looks so cute! Kyumin for life. (;

haha, jay looks cute ^^

Glad they’re showing so much support for the evil maknae XD

Idols do supporting each other..
so great :D

It’s sweet to see their support, especially Jay Park! They’re all adorable. Good luck to Kyuhyun. 

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