SHINee will be having their goodbye stages on both M! Countdown and Music Bank this week (they had their goodbye stage for Inkigayo last week), though they pre-recorded their performances for both shows.

First up is M! Countdown and the boys posed backstage in their shiny glitzy new outfits, which provided a much colorful and fashionable new look. They look quite dandy in their gray, gold, beige, cream colored outfits, though it’s a little amusing to know that we can’t really see Key’s eyes.

They also gifted M! Countdown with their autographs!

Will you be missing their performances?

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Definitely missing them! D:

It’s sad to know I won’t see them performing again for a while on shows like M! Countdown and stuff.. 

Jeez, they have so many costumes. And wow, they ended the promo so quickly o_O

Blink blink outfits! <3

It ended so quickly :(

aw goodbye stage D: I’ll miss them

cant believe it almost goodbye to this concept

They look amazing - can’t believe that they already had their goodbye stage.

oooo shiny smile

they’re golden and shining! lol

Cool outfits!

I like their outfits

I want that autographed paper!!
I really like Minho’s outfit~

awwww my SHINee, they look good on everything! smile those guys can pull off whatever the stylists give them. 

Not a big fan of there outfits an I’ll miss them.

They look great
I ll miss them :S

they look good
i’ll miss their performances
hopefully they’ll have another comeback soon

wow. like you said, shinee does indeed look ‘dandy’ xD

oh gosh how i love SHINee oppas
so adorable and handsome
hard working and sweet

i like these outfits :D!
and taemin doesn’t have those hair extensions~ nice

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