SNSD’s Seohyun has always been your prim and proper young lady, with a fascination of sweet potatoes and reading. Her hardworking self and work ethics have always received praise from fans and netizens alike and a recent picture of her studying has yet again received positive feedback.

Seohyun was waiting for her makeup session to start and she was captured reading her script for Music Core rather than resting or checking and playing with her phone. She’s definitely one to keep her mind active during these times when she’s not promoting. A good young role model for young girls!

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She’s a book worm! <3 I find it attractive

I seriously wish I had her ambitious demeanor. x-x She’s crazy. Seohyun is a really good role model.

she’s my role model xD she loves books and music as much as much xD

She IS a great role model

she’s so adorable ^_^

What great use of her time! ^_^

aw seo baby , ~!

Ahh, she’s so motivated. She looks beautiful no matter what too!
I wish I was that motivated. 

seohyun always look so calm ^^

I love her unqiue and intresting character.

Where does she get her motivation from?
Right now I should be revising, but im not!

oh the ever self-improving Seohyun! i wish i could be as motivated as her

Smart Seohyun. ^^
That is good! Doing something productive. 

Yeah, she’s definitely a good role model. :D

nice to see her so focus on reading

She is so dedicated to what she does! 

That’s our maknae.
She is really focused on everything she does.

Very committed! Fighting!

Wow haha she looks like she posing xD she looks really focused on the reading

As expected of our Seobaby, she really is a good model! Keep it up! XD

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