On the April 20th episode of SBS’s ‘Go Show‘, Big Bang’s T.O.P revealed that when he was younger he had been a bit of a troublemaker.

He said, “I had an extremely sensitive personality, and I snuck out (of school) to go home everyday. Because I kept coming home from school, my teacher and my mom decided to hide my shoes. But then I started going home barefoot”.

He continued, “It was hard to work with others. I couldn’t adhere to the structured and organized activities. I wasn’t a delinquent, but I just couldn’t sit in class with all the other kids. It was so hard for me. In retrospect, those were things I needed to experience but I kept leaving to come home.”

MC Go Hyun Jung who was listening sincerely to T.O.P said, “It’s better to be a little rebellious when you are younger.” She then gave T.O.P some encouragement, sharing how she was a good student during her younger years, but began rebelling later on and how that experience had a negative affect on her.

Taeyang also revealed how all of the members were living in a dorm apart from T.O.P , who had his own home.

I’m sure walking home with no shoes must have been painful!

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LOL. Walking without anyting on foot smile

wow, his mother and teacher hide his shoes?

i’m not a rebel :(
i wish i had that much guts xD

He’s almost like me, seriously hahaha. I’ve always liked rebellious guys too

haha… want to watch this show~~

I remember his first kiss story lol

Interesting fact about T.O.P… Sometimes I think that rebellion is a common nature of each person but we must not bring it until the days when we are already grown-ups.

went to such an extent...i have only skipped school 3 times in my whole life

still a rebel lol others live in dorms while he lives in his own home

haha his look shows it all haha keke jk

quite surprising O_O

i cant imagine top being rebellious i mean i just know him as the dubu he is

That interesting but cute ^^

He kinda look like the rebellious type XD

i cant even imagine tht hes walking home barefoot… :( hes an idol, but everybody got their experiences smile

Ah, that’s interesting. I didn’t really see that happening. 

hmm well that’s interesting..

LOL TOP is too adorkable~ I can so imagine grade school TOP skipping class and going home barefoot.. xD

Wow, I’m surprised. TOP had a difficult school life ;0;

ouch walking him with no shoes xD sounds terrible!

what a rebel. i cant even imagine. but he must’ve matured a lot raspberry

I could tell simply from his looks. (x

Ahhh T.O.P… Walking home barefoot? That’s a bit too much XD But I heard that you sometimes feel lonely :( Don’t worry, many VIPs are here for you^^

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