There are some seriously ridiculous and dangerous world records out there. What’s even more amazing are probably the people that attempt to break those records! Meet 32 year old She Ping. This Chinese beekeeper recently attempted to break the world record for World’s Heaviest Bee Suit. And he did it.

She Ping covered his body with 33.1 kilograms, or 331,000 bees, and topped the previous record in 2008 of 26.8 kilograms of bees. That’s 73 pounds of bees crawling over your skin! Even one bee is enough to send me running, I couldn’t even imagine having to do this!

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eeuuu9ougghgaisdghoasidjgioa gross! x_X i wonder if they stung him at all!
but how gutsy and congrats on breaking the record.. xP

I hate bugs, he is so brave to even attempt. :S

hmm congrats to him for breaking a ridiculous record?!!

I wonder if he got stung.
And thats true, I see a bee and run, cant believe he did this, hes ridiculously brave. 

That’s really scary!!! O_O I can’t imagine myself with those bees!

o_O that takes major guts. I don’t think I’d be able to handle that

omfg that is just crazy gahhh i hate bugs of all kinds this gives me the shivers ><

HyunSeungFan - 04/21/12 1:00 am

omg thats way to insane >.>!!

honestly to him is a great record to break...for me I’m just grossed out

Oh my goodness, things people would do in the name of “record breaking” scares me sometime :0

Eww… I mean like I like bees and all but that’s just ew..

COngratulations to him for breaking the record but I would NEVER try to do that! That seems too dangerous and imagine those bees starts to sting and stuff like that....

omg thats way to insane >.>!!

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