We mostly hear about what types of girls idols like, but what kinds of things turn off idols? Well…BIG BANG’s TOP revealed the qualities that he dislikes on the April 20th episode of SBS‘GO Show’.

During the show, Seungri revealed that TOP doesn’t speak informally to his girlfriends, at least he never has in the past.

In response TOP explained, “I always speak formally. I think it’s good to create some space between us. …I lthought that since I was young. I get to know them from a distance.”

“When you fight, you end up speaking informally when you want to curse,” he continued. “Speaking informally is the same as cursing when you speak formally on a regular basis.”

And as far as the qualities in women that he doesn’t like, “I don’t like when they are impolite or unmannerly, and I don’t like when they use profanity in their speech.”

Oh crap…I swear all the time… Guess there goes my chances dating TOP. hehehe…like I ever had a chance to begin with hehehe…


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Ooh, Yay.
I really only swear when I write. I very rarely curse verbally. :D

O.M.G that smile of his $___$ just melting

OH mY t.O.P........~!

TT__TT i curse alot too… i guess cursing degrades people a lot.... TT___TT

he is looking for a good girl… hope he find the one some day~~

lolol cursing huh? ahahha

TOP’s such a good boy! love him! <3

I think what he is doing is true..

such a gentleman! no profanities and full of manners smile

Lol and away my chances go… I already have the age and country barriers x.x

Wow he’s so polite ^^

Awhhh he seems so sweet :3

...i’m out of the race T^T!

keke even i have a turn off on those kind of girls and boys…

Hahaha i guess i curse too, so byeeeeeee :/

Aw man D: TOP wont like me then… So sad T_T

his hair is funny LOL

Nice qualifications..

Hahaahaa I have a chance

awwe i guess i wont have a chance too. since my friedns always say tat i swear like hella, but it a habit. but for top oppa i will try to change my habit

well.  there goes my shot.

Darn. I have the mouth of a sailor. 

Well I swear when I’m mad but Not in public and i would never swear in front of him also I freaking hate it when people are really unmannerly..so I think I’m good? 

Aww, he’s so sweet!  I don’t like profanity either! :]

Ah, he seems like such a sweet guy. I hope he finds someone he is happy with! 

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