SHINee’s Taemin has been known as a dance machine, but it appears that this young dancing maknae has had other career aspirations.

On his last appearance for Immortal Song 2, MC Shin Dong Yup introduced Taemin with the following introduction, “He is a unique man. He is a popular singer and has many fans, but at times he gets weirdly out of character saying he wants to be a fisherman.”

However, at this introduction, many people looked confused, including the other singers, and Taemin confessed that he was the one that wanted to be a fisherman. Fellow singer ALi commented, “Taemin is a fisherman, a fisher of men.”

Can you imagine Taemin as a fisherman? A dancing fisherman. What a sight that would be.


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Aww Taemin’s so adorable XD

ahahahahahha XD daebak maknae XD

hahaha Taemin as a dancing fisherman.... I want to see that XD

he’d be one adorable fisherman.

Haha, couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of dancing fisherman.... lol
That sounds a bit random, but hey, that’s just Taemin being Taemib XD

I think he’s been hanging out around Jonghyun too much lol

Haha, this reminds me of Donghae

LOL I could never imagine that.
Seems so weird xD

LOL he’s too cute.

I bet the fish will be totally attracted to him XD

Taemin oppa as a fisherman… Hmm… I think he’d attract a bit more than fish… (;
(world’s most good looking fisherman)

a’ll still be cute
“a fisher of man” i think i get it

haha cute dream kekeke lol

Maybe he wants to be a “fisherman” kekeke my friend ALWAYS teased me by saying imma fisherman -_-

LOL He’s too funny xD childhood dream <3 i bet he could try it if he wanted to!

LOLLL that would be so funny. just that visual alone is too much! Hahah I’m glad he became a singer/dancer instead ^^

LOOOL I can’t imagine that. 

LOL.. Taemin become a fisherman.. he will turn be a cute fisherman.. :D

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