Earlier last week, SNSD unveiled their first subunit TaeTiSeo, who would be releasing their debut mini-album Twinkle on May 2nd, and after seeing a peculiar album cover for their mini-album, the trio have unveiled a new concept picture!

The girls have continued with their funky style. It’s a funky and whimsical style for sure as they don colorful wigs for their concept picture. In addition, they are seen blowing bubbles for their picture.

Interesting concept, don’t you agree? I do like the colors, though!

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I really wonder what concept is this though

can’t recognize them easily with their makeup and stuff but really interesting and unique

Definitely different smile I’m looking forward to it smile

Ahh! This looks soo cool~!! :D i can’t wait~

i can’t really recognize them...but i love the concept and the group!!!

Honestly at first glance the only one I recognized was Seohyun..but I’m liking this concept. Lets see how the song turns out. 

veeeery cool, and so reminiscent of Effie.. haha XD

i really don’t mind this concept at all :D

they look very photoshopped...especially Fany :/

It’s like they fell into a pool of rainbow, fairies, flowers, and unicorns hahahaha. Idk, I like it. It’s definitely making me curious about how their songs will sound like smile

is tiffany here?

colorful n funky o.o not like the girls of snsd all 9 together…

wow thats really interesting o.O?

definitely an interesting look
can’t wait for their mini album

Such brightly colored hair!

idk this sorta reminds me of the crazy concepts that japanese idols have… but cool ^^

I’m sooo excited and curious at the same time :D

Taeyeon looks absolutely weird here. I couldn’t recognize her at first...so does Tiffany. Seohyun’s the only one that I could recognize…

very interesting concept

Wow :O
Really funky XD

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