In Celebrity Soulmate, the goal is to find out who is the most popular person to be the soulmate of an Asian celebrity. The most popular answer wins and those that gave the most popular response get 25 EXP points. For the previous Celebrity Soulmate, we asked you who Siwan’s soulmate is. Drum roll please! The majority of you chose ZE:A’s Kwanghee!

Congratulations to sc_1993, bobamochi, jhanebibe, HyunSeungFan, jenniturtle, beauty0cutie, helloketchup, GodOfSpaceKimHyunJoong, ShinMoJi, lanas70, petcuanamaria, cararibz, Shokubox, vickydangnn, onairosnma, HelenJae, sally90, and omgsun for having the most popular answer!

Some of the popular answers (in order of popularity) were IU and ZE:A’s Dongjun and Heechul.

For this game, the focus will be on After School’s Kahi. Ninginers, who do you think is Kahi’s soulmate?

Results and the next question will be posted a week from today. When the results are posted, we’ll reveal everyone’s answers! Remember to keep your answers to one person and your first response will be counted.

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