We know that f(x)’s Sulli is one of the taller female KPOP idols out there, but when you add high heels to her height and place her near some of the shorter female idols, the height discrepancy is quite amusing, to say the least.

An old photo of Sulli with IU and 2NE1 from an episode of Inkigayo has been circulating round the internet, captioned as “2NE1 gets humiliated by Sulli”. While IU looks normal next to 2NE1, Sulli looks oddly out place (as she was wearing high heels at the time). Even Dara’s Vegeta-style hair was no match for Sulli’s height.

Giant baby Sulli is. Still, it’s a funny picture, wouldn’t you agree?

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Their height differences are hilarious XD

DARA + Vegeta Hair < Sulli. LOL

ahahaha! I couldn’t believe that Sulli would be that tall.. it’s really funny ^^

wow, Sulli is a giant! XD a very pretty giant though :3 <3

hahah “Even Dara’s Vegeta-style hair was no match for Sulli’s height.”

yeah sulli definitely is veeeery tall ^^
i remember following f(x) once in a while and then suddenly seeing her growth spurt kick in - one day i was just amazed by her new tall height haha

she is too tall

She’s so tall :O

ahahhahaahah giant baby !!!

2NE1 looks so small XD Sulli is really tall :X

whoa so tall!!  she’d tower over me too! lol

Omg so tall

ROFL dara’s hairs

lol she’s so tall, others need higher heels

I didn’t realize it until now.

Wow, she’s taaaall smile Such a cutie ^^


Wow, no wonder she’s called a giant maknae!
Dara looks so tiny there:)

Feel uncomfortable knowing I’m even taller then her and even without heels

Sulli’s one of the artists who’s known for her height so it isn’t a surprise. :D

park bom looks like a little doll!!

Sulli is very tall~~

LOL she’s too tall = =’

Wow Sulli is really tall :o I’m shocked haha

wow, 2ne1 and IU look so tiny near Sulli! 

I already knew Dara was small, but I did not know Sulli was so big/tall. O_O

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