SHINee has wrapped up promotional activities for Sherlock as they are now in Japan, prepping for their Japan Arena Tour. Though fans may be sad that they won’t be seeing SHINee stand on a stage in Korea for some time, they should be happy at the appearance of their idols on different variety shows.

On the recent episode of Qualifications of Man, Onew and Taemin appeared to help Hyun Moo with the Sherlock dance. While they attempted to teach him, Onew himself got confused at the dance, which only led Taemin to come to his hyung’s rescue.

And before Onew and Taemin came to Hyun Moo’s rescue…

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This was such a funny lesson raspberry

super cute, hehe it can only be Onew who messes up his own dance he is so adorable :D

ONEW JJANG! the best ever smile

onew will forever be cute! LOL

Onew is ssooo cute~

Onew’s so cute with that! grin

Hyunmoo is forever SHINee’s copycat in their dance LOL

Onew did it again! Onew condition.. XD

Ahahaha gotta love Onew Sangtae!! xD he’s such a cutie!!! ^^ .. Strangley they clip reminded me of hello baby.. I miss t =(

Isn’t Onew just adorable? smile

lol if onew was my dance teacher i have a feeling my dance would be epically awesomely amusing raspberry and taeminnie would have to come to the rescue once again lol

lool clumsy Onew! XD XD
Wish I had a dance teacher like them XD

Oh and Hyun Moo trying to do the dance himself was funny XD
It’s OK though, I don’t know it either XD
I try but always fail >.<
But at least Taemin and Onew tried to help you! I want them to help me >.>
That’ll be cool lol

Aigoo… We got some Onew Condition on our hands here!

so cute :D
onew face when he confused look so adorable

Aww that was so cute >.<
Onew got confused XD
And then when writing the steps he had to do it…
Taemin and his long hair >.<
Both of them are so adorable <3

The boys are way too cute for their own good, messing up at their own dance! >.<

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