Last year in October, we showed you 10 idols with multiple piercings and many of you quite enjoyed that post! So now that many more idols have appeared, with a few idols getting piercings (hey Taemin!) and adding piercings, perhaps it’s time to show you 12 more idols with multiple piercings.

After School’s Kahi
The fierce and fearless leader of After School is not only known for her charismatic presence and dancing skills, but she also loves piercings. That said, she has a few on her right ear (though not noticeable) and has her belly button pierced (BoA, SNSD’s Hyoyeon and miss A’s Jia come to mind for that). Having your belly button pierced seems to be a little painful, but guess Kahi is immune to that!

BIG BANG’s Seungri
BIG BANG returned to the music scene this past February after a series of unfortunate events and Seungri definitely has become a ‘bad boy’. Fans immediately took note to his new piercing on his right ear - after all, it’s really hard not to notice that long spear-like earring that goes through one part of his ear and out through another. At first glance, I thought that it was fake. Guess not!

CSJH’s Sunday
I sincerely think that Sunday gets the title for most piercings ever on a KPOP idol. I don’t know how many she has, but considering that she has a bunch on her ears (I’d say at least 5 each on both ears), phenomenal. They make her look cool!

EXO-M’s Kris
Ah, Kris. The stoic, serious leader of newly debuted group from SM. Or should I say half of the new big group from SM (EXO). Kris may be on the serious side, so it seems that he would be more of a traditionalist, but he breaks that ’stereotype’ with a few piercings on his left ear (it should be interesting to know that his right ear has the one earring, or at least from pictures that I’ve seen). Surely you didn’t expect him to be like that. Ok, fine, maybe just a little.

After stoic leader comes aegyo maknae, TAO! When fans were first introduced to TAO, he was such a fearsome person to behold. After all, his martial arts skills are nothing to be laughed at - you might not want to provoke him. And the addition of multiple piercings will make you not want to cross him, but don’t worry, maknae’s just a cute little maknae full of bbuing bbuing.

Though Hongki himself may be full of laughter and cuteness, he too has multiple piercings. Well, at least two on each ear. If you didn’t inspect closely, you probably would’ve missed the two piercings - they line up right next to one another. A little hard to tell! But it makes him even more adorable, right?

INFINITE’s Sungyeol
The resident pretty face of INFINITE, Sungyeol adds a bit more of daring to his visage. You should actually take a look at that collage where it shows Sungyeol and his earrings era - it’s quite amazing and it looks like he has a few holes here and there!

KARA’s Nicole
Would it surprise you that Nicole has multiple piercings? For some reason, it didn’t surprise me. Though Nicole has that adorable eye smile and smiling face, she strikes me as one that would be a bit rebellious. Fun rebellious! That would take the form of multiple piercings, I would assume.

SHINee’s Jonghyun
Like his ‘wifey’, Key, Jonghyun sports numerous piercings, though not as many as Key does. Still, it makes me wonder if Key got Jonghyun to get more than one piercing - that would be pretty funny if he did (and if he did, then I apologize for not knowing). Though, in the Sherlock promotions, I don’t think I really saw those piercings. The hair!

SNSD’s Taeyeon
Taeyeon might be her group’s kid leader and is quite adorable in everything she does, but watch out! This idol here actually has multiple piercings, very much like Tiffany and Hyoyeon. A bit shocking to those of you who aren’t SONEs, but Taeyeon does indeed have quite the collection of earrings on her ears.

It was a little harder to find pictures of L.Joe and his earrings, especially when they’re lined together like that. But yes, L.Joe can be proud of himself to join the group of idols with multiple piercings. Makes him look more manly.

U-KISS’ Kiseop
So like Jonghyun, Hongki, and L.Joe above him, Kiseop has double piercings and three total. I think those earrings add a flair to his looks, which are already above heavenly, and makes him look both sexy and charismatic!

It seems like multiple piercings on the ladies make them look fierce while multiple piercings on the guys make them look sexy. Do you agree? And while we’re on the topic of agreeing, which idol’s piercings from this list did you like the most? Fire away!

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Why is ELI not on the list??

Taemin has a belly button pierced… (joking)

Taemin has piercings? 

Jaejoong should be in the list too

I can’t believe that Taemin got a piercing!! 

HAHAHA, Loved the guys !!! <3

taemin, WHAT?! lol, it’s okay. i accept it :D

whoa seungri o___o
i think that hurts tho..

they all look so hot :B

love all of them !! EXO M !!

all so good looking...<sigh>

woah! i don’t know Taeyeon has multiple piercings…

They make me want to get one

Wow!! I didn’t know taeyeon had so many piercings O.o

I love the ear piercings best~
But I’m still getting used to Seungri with all of his, lol

SHINee SNSD U-kiss
big fan ^_^
love them all

mmm I like piercings ;P
and they all look so good :D

like seungri’s the most :D cause it’s very noticable :D, I also have a belly button piercing raspberry

They all look good with piercings
I want to get my belly done but my mum is against it!

they all look so hot with multiple piercing

I love Sungyeol, Tao and Kris piercings...Still I think Seungri has now the most of all them!

where’s jaejoong ????

ayko0 - 04/25/12 3:21 am

Jaejoong should be included! He has so many piercings! A belly button, nipple, ears! so hot!

Again, please check the link located in the first paragraph.

Seungri’s piercing is the best!!but he once said that it really do hurts to the bone...heesh!!

Taeyeon! Kris and Tao’s piercings look hot on them. :D

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