I guess this is where Burger King’s famous slogan ‘Have It Your Way’ really comes into play. A hamburger with some bacon strips in it is pretty darn tasty but this customer in Japan seems to have a bit an obsession with bacon.

38 year old Mr. Sato, as he’s known to others, walked into Burger King one day and ordered a burger with 1,050 pieces of bacon piled in between the buns. I kid you not. The entire sandwich totals a weight of 2.7 kilograms and is a staggering amount of 14,300 calories. What’s even better is that he actually documented the unwrapping of the burger and also filmed himself devouring the monster.

I’m not even eating the thing and I already feel nauseous.

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I looooove bacon and all but that is waaaay to much. When I look at this I think heart attack.

I like a burger with bacon, but that is too much, a lot too much and really fat too

omg, how to eat it? it looks disgusting too

That’s too much fat right there! O__o What was he thinking?! 

Why.. that much bacon must hurt your body so much. Too much fat and oil. >__<
Goodness, I hope that guy is alright. My gosh, can’t you get a heart attack?

that doesnt look pleasant…

I saw this a few days ago. I honestly hate bacon. I wonder if he’s gonna get a heart attack o.o


i’m not a huge fan of bacon to begin with so.. ah.. that does not seem fun to eat. haha..

Eeeewww, I feel sick just looking at the photo, never mind him devouring it.... How can you eat 1050 slices of bacon...?!

After eating that.. I.C.U please XD

-dead- X_______________X

That is crazy! I love bacon, but not that much.
And while watching the video, I half expected the guy to have a heart attack.

This seems like one of those “I wonder if they will actually do it” moments come to life.

wow, so ione is obsess with bacon n i thought i was >//<

That looks delicious and disgusting at the same time.

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