On April the 24th MBLAQ’s Lee Joon appeared on SBS’s ‘Strong Heart‘, where he spoke about the methods he used for winning over the hearts of fans, depending on their ages.

“Fans in their twenties like a muscular build, but fans in their thirties begin focusing more on the lower body,” he said pulling in the attention of guests Oh Yoon Ah and Ivy.

He then went on to display his techniques using his body, which definitely shocked everyone in the studio, performing a pole dance, which to no surprise won over many, or should I say all, of the females on the set.

Check out the hot clip below :

Oh my goodness, I’m sure many females died on set.

Also check out Eunhyuk’s version :

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Oh Joon XD What’s going on in that head of yours?

I LOL’d so much at the title of the article. omg Joon. You can’t even greet Tiffany properly, but you can pole dance for all the women in that room. What’s going through that mind of yours LOL

wahh,, the song made me remember of Gikwang’s American dance..
well Lee Joon is sexy and cool although for me Gikwang is sexier.. hehehehe..
anyway,, Eunhyuk is like a monkey climbing up the pole.. lol..

ujibcnjkxz Joon y so sexy *__*
And Eunhyuk, how you climbed that pole so fast? you really are a monkey XD But nevertheless, so damn hot too *O* You cracked me up when you pulled away from that woman though lol

That was so damn hot!!!
LOL he touched Boom’s chin and then Ivy’s hahah


Holy shit I just exploded!! >.<

eunhyuk’s got one strong pair of legs!
lol joon went from ballet to pole dancing? what were they teaching you in those classes? but anyways <3 <3 <3 <3

OMG just watched Eunhyuks one!
Hes totally AWESOME!
Soo much strength, he went soo smoothly up that pole!!


Ohh wow they look soo........
arrghhh <3 Lee Joon!

first of all XDDD Eunhyuk like freaking climbed that pole like a monkey!!! XDD and when he backed away from that one girl lol xDD he is too cute
secondly, omfg i think my everything just melted! Joon was soooooo freaking sexy; I can’t put it into words

omg… haha… smexy

OMG! so hot! I just died XD

omg Joonie why are you so sexy~ Eunhyuk’s dance keke

that was so hoooot ;D and Eunhyuk xD he is a monkey so it’s no problem to him to do that :D <3

hatsuyuki3 - 04/25/12 1:03 pm

Wow....the words just aren’t formulating in my head anymore lol

omg lol same with me xDDDDD

ohmygosh Joon! umm yeahh ahah =P

lee joon is very sexy!!!

Wow....the words just aren’t formulating in my head anymore lol

why is his shirt still on?

This was really good smile

Oh wow, some unique ways to show his skills and strength lol I still like his muscular build over his lower body strength though....smile

waaahh… his dance is something… his is good dancer!!!

waaah lee joon is really sexy ones proven again he is an amazing dancer, hehe and always love it when eunhyuk dances he is so athletic!

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