On the 27th of April, at 11:15 PM MBC, will be airing a documentary featuring Kpop stars Super Junior, called ‘MBC Special – Super Junior Dreaming Of A K-POP Legend‘.

The documentary will reveal everything about SuJu, from the joyous moments, such as being the first Korean artists to perform in Paris, to their moments of hardship, where many tears were shed. It will show Super Junior right from their debut which was in 2005, and times before, where they had to work as hard as ever to get them where they are now. In the preview Donghae and leader Leeteuk are seen talking about their hardships as they shed a few tears. I must admit I started to tear up a bit after hearing what they said.
Donghae : “I still have my dad’s phone number. Sometimes I just want to call and tell him that I have received awards.”
Leeteuk : “I never talk to anyone”.

Check out the preview for the documentary :

Though they are idols, their lives must extremely difficult, especially being away from family that’s why it must be so amazing for them to have not only each other but ELFs all over the world supporting them.

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