SNSD recently announced their very first sub-unit, TaeTiSeo, which is made up of members Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun, but apparently they group is very open to a member change, according to SM Entertainment.

OSEN, an official of the entertainment agency, stated, “The members of Girls’ Generation’s unit group are not permanently set. Depending on their song and album concept in the future, the members can definitely change. It will be another fun factor to see how the members change in the future.”

SME continued, “That’s why we named the unit group using the first letter of each member’s name. Since the members can keep changing, we had to pick a name that’s easy to remember and not so confusing to the fans!”

In most cases, sub-units come up with names that are completely different from their original groups, in order to make themselves known separately. In fact, Super Junior’s K.R.Y is one of the only unit groups that involves the initial of each member.

The group’s first mini album, “Twinkle”, is a track with funky beats and a retro sound. Check it out when it’s released on the 29th of April!

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Thats interesting. I cant wait for the release~
And I cant wait to see what SM has up their sleeve

That’s cool!~ Wonder what sub-units they’ll create in the future!~ <3

so their names would change too?

I ll be looking forward to their album

Wow fighting ^^

member change already mentioned when the first song hasn’t even come out yet?

Hmm, I wonder who they’re thinking of next for the sub-unit. But either way, I’m excited to see TaeTiSeo! 

honestly i love this group already
can’t wait.... teasers are amazing


interesting...looking forward to the release

That actually does sound like an interesting and fun concept!  Hwaiting Twinkle!!

mmm sounds interesting!

I think it’s interesting, every member will get their respective turns, definitely giving a credit for this concept

I’m so excited for the upcoming sub-units. I’ll support them all the way! After all they’re still SNSD. <3

i wonder what will happen in the near future...RF~ keke good luck to their career..SNSD Hwaiting~

Keep it up!! Fighting

Ohh (:
i cant wait to see what will happen in the future.
goodluck to them <3

i think it would be interesting to see them members switch up every now and then - keep people on their toes

well I hope that the names would sound great.. I love to see it! smile

Oh I see! It will be fun to see different members:D

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